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Copado + EBQ Marketing

Square Root migrates from Marketo and onboards to Pardot with EBQ.


For 4 years, the marketing team utilized Marketo for B2B engagements. However, the team felt it was too robust for their needs.

“Marketo is a system built for larger organizations,” explained Mary Feild, Brand Marketing Manager at Square Root. “At Square Root, we try to be agile and move quickly. The system, while it allowed for a lot of freedom to try different things, it felt clunky at times and it was difficult to implement simple things, like welcome series campaigns. As is with any startup, we all wear multiple hats and we need to build campaigns quickly without a lot of overhead. Marketo just didn’t allow us to do that.”

That’s whenSquare Root decided to sunset Marketo and migrate to Pardot by Salesforce. Like many companies migrating to Pardot, they were attracted to the seamless integration with Salesforce CRM and the lead scoring and nurturing systems.

Though these factors played a role in the decision, Square Root was most compelled by Pardot’s intuitive user interface and time-saving components.

“I didn’t realize how much Marketo’s system was holding us back until we started the Pardot training. Things that could have taken me a month in Marketo, I could now do in less than 10 minutes with Pardot,” says Feild.

The Solution : Pardot Implementation & Training at EBQ

To effectively migrate from Marketo and onboard Pardot, Square Root teamed up with EBQ and enlisted in our Pardot training course.

As a Salesforce Partner that’s completed thousands of successful trainings, EBQ’s expert team was able to provide a valuable migration and onboarding experience.

“EBQ was extremely flexible and even provided us with 2 sessions one week when it was needed” stated Field. “I felt that I had the guidance at every turn and could quickly do things myself. We learned in-depth knowledge quickly and that was incredibly helpful.”

Square Root was then able to make use of their over-the-shoulder training sessions and ask important questions to the EBQ team. Along with the best practices component and extensive guidance training, the Square Root marketing team was able to start building campaigns rapidly and effectively.

The Results

In sum, Square Root was able to successfully migrate from Marketo to Pardot and benefit from EBQ’s world-class onboarding experience. “The training could have been tedious, but it was fun and engaging. It helped us see the value in Pardot more quickly than if we had not used EBQ.”

“The EBQ team was so responsive, it took less than an hour to receive a response when we had questions. Overall, this sped up the learning process for us. We started building campaigns in half the time,” said Feild.

“The migration itself had very little friction, and any questions that we had, the EBQ team was able to quickly address and find a solution. I’ve done much bigger migrations, and this one has probably been the easiest”

Following the training, SquareRoot signed up for EBQ’s premium Pardot support plan. This provided them a lifeline to a team of certified specialists that can field their questions and resolve any Pardot issues.

Square Root has since been acquired by CDK Global.

The EBQ team was so responsive, it took less than an hour to receive a response when we had questions. Overall, this sped up the learning process for us. We started building campaigns in half the time.

Mary Feild Brand Marketing Manager at Square Root
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Square Root + EBQ

EBQ helped Square Root migrate from Marketo to Pardot and trained all of their users to get up to speed with the platform.