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Establish relationships with high-quality leads and get them excited for your sales call. EBQ’s appointment setters are dedicated to pursuing your target prospects and pushing your leads further down the sales funnel.

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What you get out of EBQ’s appointment setter services

You get to work with an entire lead generation team dedicated to your success. No matter how big or small your project, you’ll partner with our:

  • Business Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Dedicated Specialist

We can work directly out of your tools and learn what makes you unique in your industry. That way, we're able to accurately represent your brand as we embark on finding more SQLs for you.

Why should you focus on appointment generation?

Appointment generation — also known as appointment setting, sales development, and business development — allows you to chase cold leads and slowly warm them up to get prospects excited about a sales call. Sales development reps (SDRs) are responsible for warming prospects up by engaging them through multiple channels.

Are you ready to start seeing results?

“We could have done everything in-house. We would have spent a significant multiplier over what we spend with EBQ, and then it’s risky. What we looked at is the cost-benefit plus the risk. It was really a no-brainer after that.”

Byron Rashed
VP of Marketing, Centripetal Networks

Benefits of EBQ’s outsourced appointment setting team

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

Take the guesswork out of the sales development process. You can always keep track of EBQ’s progress with real-time updates. Our Project Managers also host regular check-ins with you and your stakeholders to keep you updated.

Full Productivity — Fast

Full Productivity — Fast

With a proven process for onboarding and training reps, an EBQ outsourced team can learn your product and begin dialing less than 5 days after the kickoff call. Additionally, we ensure that all of our SDRs follow best practices by taking the time to upskill them.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts

Each project is different, so why should you be locked into fixed support tiers? Our month-to-month contracts allow you to scale your resources as your businesses grow. You can even choose to add other EBQ services to your project as you see fit.

No Setup or Cancellation Fees

No Setup or Cancellation Fees

In this ever-changing economy, you need to partner with a flexible provider. That’s why we don’t have setup or cancellation fees. We even share documentation on our journey together for your reference in the future.

Texas Based


All of our specialists are in the United States, which facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between you and your outsourced team. Being Texas-based allows us to better understand the local market dynamics, thus improving our outreach strategies.

Want to learn more about Appointment Setting?

Our business development experts created guides, worksheets, and more. Free for anyone who’s interested in strengthening their sales development process.

Let’s develop a winning B2B outbound sales strategy together

For over 15 years, EBQ has been the leading US-based appointment setting services provider. We help businesses of all sizes and verticals tap into their prospect database and transform leads into opportunities.

How? By working closely with your team to develop a customized outbound sales strategy together. We dig deep into your current customer database and find new opportunities for your business.

Our sales development process

We’ve developed and standardized a business development process to help you get leads as quickly as five days after onboarding. We also know that no sales process should ever be a “one script fits all,” so we customize our workflows to fit your unique business needs.


The EBQ Lead Generation appointment setting department will take the time to become educated on your product and company.


We’ll engage your prospects in value-based, meaningful conversations that yield meetings and provide a flow of valuable appointments for your sales representatives.


We target decision makers at companies you want to do business with and position your product or service as a solution to their pains and drivers.


Your EBQ Lead Generation department will send calendar invites, confirm meetings, begin meetings with a hand off to your rep, and even reschedule meetings.

Dive into EBQ’s appointment setting agency success stories

Ready to reach more people with our B2B appointment setting services?

A cold call sets the stage for a positive customer experience, so hiring the right team helps you get your foot in the door with the right people. Our cold callers help you grow your sales pipeline and engage your prospects.

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