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On average, businesses lose 12% of their annual revenue from bad data. That’s why investing in high-quality data is important: it fuels every sales and marketing campaign in the future.

Whether you need a new database or clean an existing one, we provide accurate, targeted prospecting data to save your team from wasting time on bad contacts.

Build your business database with ease

Reach the right decision makers by building a highly accurate prospecting database. Our data specialists use proprietary technology and manual verification to fill your database with high-quality prospects. The result? A highly accurate database with >90% accuracy rate.

Example data points


Broad title sets

Management level


Employee count

And more!

B2B telemarketing data lists

We’ve helped thousands of companies develop their customer profile based on their existing customer data. From there, we can create net new records to bolster and grow their businesses.

See what industries we’ve worked with to develop personalized contact data lists.

Work with a top B2B data provider

An Entire Team

When you work with our EBQ data specialists, you’ll also receive a dedicated Consultant and a Project Manager at no additional charge. They’ll be able to run your project as a built-in management layer to ensure your project is on track.

Flexible Contracts

Investing in high-quality data should never be viewed as a one-time project because the decay rate of B2B data is estimated to be at 70.3% per year. With our monthly contracts, you’ll be able to build and maintain a clean contact database on your terms.

Innovative Data Mining Technology

Our team of developers created innovative software that pulls the most up-to-date data automatically. From there, our specialists will manually verify each contact to make sure they’re mailable and relevant to your business.

Data cleansing services to boost data accuracy

Already have an existing contact database? We also scrub business contact information, ensuring it's up-to-date and reliable. This one-off service helps enhance your lead generation process, streamline sales and marketing processes, and ultimately increase your ROI. Leave the data quality issues behind and partner with us to maintain the highest data integrity standards in your B2B operations.

What's it like to work with EBQ?

Ready to target decision makers with your B2B contacts database?

We pull accurate contact information for businesses of all sizes using proprietary technology and manual verification. No matter what vertical your business is in, EBQ can help identify the right people to contact.

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