B2B Data Services

Building a new database or cleaning up your existing one? We provide accurate, targeted prospecting data to save your team from wasting time on bad contacts.

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Reliable data for lead generation

We focus on human-curated, custom B2B contact and account data. And we can help you develop an ideal customer profile for precise targeting.

We create our own processes and tools for aggregating the most accurate lead data, including niche data points specific to your organizational needs.

Build an accurate B2B database

Are you confident with your prospect data? Our data services are tailored for teams with SDRs and sales reps, leading to increased sales productivity and improved connection rates.

Data is the starting point for identifying new leads and ultimately closing deals, so let our Data Specialists assist you in creating a reliable and accurate database.

B2B Clean database

Clean up your existing database

Incorrect and outdated data is costly and can misinform your sales and marketing strategies. We scrub your existing data with a mix of proprietary automation and manual processes to verify each record in your prospect database.

Our Data Specialists return your database and indicate whether each contact is verified, had a hard bounce, or had a soft bounce.

B2B data services focused on quality

Our unique approach helps us deliver more accurate and targeted data than other major providers. The services we offer are centered on data quality, which directly leads to greater ROI for your business.


  • Prospect lists scrubbed and verified for you
  • Final report indicates accuracy of each record
  • Augment your list with prospect LinkedIn URLs


  • All-in-one, dedicated data department
  • Custom lead database, including niche data points
  • Database continually managed and enriched

What can our data specialists do for you?

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We hand scrub your existing records to verify contact information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You shouldn’t have to second-guess whether your data is trustworthy.


We’ll strengthen your prospect database by adding net new records of suitable accounts and contacts. Ramp up and revitalize your lead generation efforts with a fresh list of potential buyers.

Data Process


Our team fills the gaps in your current data, providing additional insight into key accounts. Improve your segmentation capabilities and create a personalized buying journey for your prospects.

Our data building process

01. Familiarize

Your EBQ Data team takes the time to gain a full understanding of your ideal customer profile and buyer personas.

02. Aggregate

We manually collect and verify data from LinkedIn, other reliable data providers, and our own proprietary tools.

03. Build

We build a custom database of target accounts and the appropriate decision makers at those companies.

04. Refine

We hold biweekly continuous improvement meetings (CIM) with you to review our progress and strategy.
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What are the risks of bad prospect data?

Learn why your organization needs to start investing in accurate prospect data from the beginning to avoid wasting resources on bad leads.

Build a data department the right way

With EBQ, you’re not just hiring a data specialist. You’re getting an entire data department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

For each project, we provide: a Consultant to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to guide day-to-day operations, and one or more Specialists working diligently to develop your database.

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Join the thousands
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What's it like to work with EBQ?

Get in touch with our Data team

Our data specialists use a mix of proprietary technology and manual verification to pull accurate contact data for businesses of all sizes. No matter what vertical your business is in, EBQ can help identify the right people to contact.

Ready to identify target decision-makers? Fill out the form with your information and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.