Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting


Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

If you have stumbled across this guide, you probably have a sales development problem. Before we begin, we’d like to start by asking a few prospecting questions to make sure this guide is the right fit for you:

  • Are your sales people doing their own prospecting?
  • Are your sales people struggling with having unqualified or low-value leads sent to them?
  • Is your sales team splitting time between closing deals and cold calling?
  • Are your sales people frustrated with low quality marketing leads?
  • Do your sales reps lack enough at-bats?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you’ll want to keep reading.


Sales is a critical part of your business. In fact, some would argue that sales is the most important function of a business.

But even if you have a stellar product or service, it won’t sell itself. Nor will your Marketing-Qualified Leads(MQLs) convert to Sales-Qualified Leads(SQLs) without some intentional nurturing.

At some point in time, you will run into a Sales Gap.

At this point in the conversation, you probably have a few doubts.


We already have a marketing team and a sales team, why do we need an appointment setting team?


As we have already established, your sales team may struggle with receiving leads that are marketing-qualified but not sales-qualified. They are spending a majority of their time on top of the funnel prospects when they should be focused on nurturing and closing deals.

This is where b2b appointment setting comes in.


How B2B Appointment Setting Generates Sales-Qualified Leads


With an inundation of information and options that are available, your marketing prospects need nurturing before they can be ready to make a purchase. Just because they downloaded a whitepaper on your site or clicked through your email, doesn’t mean they are ready or willing to make a purchase.


Appointment setting bridges the gap between marketing-qualified and sales-ready.

By using intelligent cycles with multiple touch-points and in-depth annotation of interest, SDRs can warm leads up for a sales conversation and equip their sales team with valuable prospect information along the way.

If your sales team is spending their time cold calling, then their valuable time is being wasted. A well-oiled appointment setting machine can keep your sales pipeline full and organized, and your sales people focused on nurturing and closing SQLs.


Keep reading the 8 techniques we use to efficiently drive sales pipeline growth through b2b appointment setting.

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