BigCommerce Case Study

BigCommerce + EBQ

EBQ consulted with the BigCommerce team on their marketing initiatives and long-term sales development process.

The Challenge

BigCommerce’s challenge was one common to the majority of the clients EBQ serves. At the time, they were spinning up a fresh sales team that was to be focused primarily on up-market opportunities and were simply looking for a reliable lead generation team to provide their new sales reps with consistent, valuable appointments. They were also looking to move fast and hit the ground running by specifically seeking a partner based locally in Austin, TX.

For the most part, companies searching for outsourced lead generation vendors tend to avoid looking internationally. This is mostly for practical reasons such as oversight and cultural nuance. However, in this case, BigCommerce sought an Austin neighbor specifically because they would simultaneously begin assessing the viability of building an internal lead generation team. With new sales reps already on the payroll, but with no leads, spending additional time staffing and training their own lead generators proved too costly and inefficient. And working with a local firm would not only provide more face time, it would also allow BigCommerce to shape and refine their internal lead generation process before they officially pulled the trigger on such a long-term investment.

The Solution​ : Lead Generation Department at EBQ

Having established a rapport with Consultant Stuart Bontrager, BigCommerce chose EBQ to be their outsourced lead generation provider. Acting as both business development specialists and market consultants, the EBQ team helped the BigCommerce reps quickly understand the most viable prospect profile – i.e. which titles to target and where the messaging resonated most. This resulted in refined contact lists and sharpened efforts across the board.

They also found immense value in EBQ’s ability to quickly scale a lead generation team up or down, depending on the client’s needs. As BigCommerce’s leadership continued discussions surrounding a potential internal lead generation department, the EBQ team could be easily re-purposed to focus on other products, verticals or campaigns with very little notice.

The Results

The BigCommerce relationship began with a single EBQ lead generation specialist, in addition to a Consultant and Project Manager, as is standard for all EBQ clients. After only one month, BigCommerce opted to ramp to four specialists. Eventually the project peaked with six resources calling on their behalf and setting 40-60 appointments per month, maintaining consistent results even through numerous changes in focus, direction and the size of the team itself. With every change to the project, BigCommerce simply needed to say the word and EBQ handled the staffing and training entirely, freeing the client to focus on other “big-picture” priorities.

A year and 468 leads later, when BigCommerce decided to launch their internal lead generation effort, they were able to do so confidently and effectively thanks to the time they were allowed by hiring an outsourced vendor and the insight gained from EBQ’s foundation of sales process expertise.

EBQ Delivers Consistent Appointment Setting
Results for BigCommerce

total appointments set
appointments per month
40- 60

The flexibility EBQ provides is priceless. They can scale up or down effortlessly and that allowed us to be smart about our long-term plans, without sacrificing internal resources.


BigCommerce + EBQ

EBQ consulted with the BigCommerce team on their marketing initiatives and long-term sales development process.

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