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Learn more about our 6 core services and find out how you can create an outsourced team for a fraction of the cost of hiring internally.

The best part? You can always mix and match our services that benefit your unique business structure.

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When you partner with us, you get:

1 dedicated Consultant

Offers best practice support and guides the overall vision of your project

1 dedicated Project Manager

Provides and manages strategic day-to-day processes, specific tools, and training

(At least) 1 Specialist

Dedicated resource to your organization, working day to day to drive growth

Explore Our 6 Core Services


We keep your CRM up-to-date and aligned with both your business objectives and your industry’s best practices.


We create a reliable database with targeted and accurate prospect contact information based on your buyer personas.


We connect with prospects using emails, content marketing, SEO, and social media management.

Appointment Setting

We perform cold outreach with prospects and qualify marketing leads to get them interested in a sales call.


We help grow your sales pipeline and close even more deals as a quota-driven sales team.

Customer Experience

We foster brand loyalty through exceptional customer service and explore upselling opportunities.

What you get when partnering with EBQ

A built-in management layer

Your dedicated Consultant and Project Manager work together to develop your project strategy to meet your vision. They oversee the daily management of your specialists and ensure they are responsible for the success of your project.

Transparent view of our progress

We work right out of your CRM, so you’ll always get a 360˚ view of our work and progress. We also set up biweekly meetings with your stakeholders to provide updates on project developments and deliverables.

A proven process

Over our 16+ years of experience, we’ve developed a proven workflow that’s helped thousands of businesses grow. Our leadership team also made these processes flexible enough to adapt to your unique business needs — no matter how niche your industry is.

Why work with EBQ?

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With EBQ, you can get professional help on all aspects of your business. If you need help finding the right target accounts or want to convert your prospects effectively, our specialists are just a call away.

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