Tropicana Las Vegas Case Study

Tropicana Las Vegas + EBQ

Tropicana Las Vegas partners with EBQ to launch an automated response campaign.

The Challenge

Tropicana Las Vegas is a Penn National Gaming destination that boasts stylish rooms, suites, acclaimed restaurants, entertainment, and a 50,000-square-foot casino. This entertainment center wanted a better way of providing a customer journey for long-term marketing engagement.

Additionally, they wanted to organize incoming leads into a response campaign and to assign leads to a specific territory using an automated sales response. With this in mind, Tropicana sought a powerful marketing automation tool and landed on Pardot as the tool of choice to be married to their Salesforce CRM.

The main concern was that Tropicana’s sales and marketing team had limited marketing automation experience and knowledge of Pardot. To ensure they were well equipped to handle Pardot, Tropicana sought out an intuitive training program that would equip them to onboard the tool and learn how to utilize the tool effectively.

The Solution​ : Pardot Implementation at EBQ

Tropicana Las Vegas opted into EBQ’s Jump Start program crash course on marketing automation with Salesforce Pardot. A few months later, Tropicana came back for additional training to fine-tune certain elements of their Pardot platform. The Jump Start program taught Tropicana’s sales and marketing team the fundamentals of Pardot and got them up to speed on their new integration. The additional training course allowed Tropicana to focus on certain elements of the CRM integration that they wanted to improve on in a more personalized and custom training.

One of the values that Pardot brings to B2B customers is the integration with and close marriage to Salesforce CRM. But as many companies have found out, the integration can be difficult to navigate. Mapping custom fields, understanding how records sync over, and understanding sync behavior are just a few challenges Tropicana had ahead of them.

EBQ’s certified experts were able to address any questions they had and onboard the Tropicana team more quickly and effectively than if they had attempted the daunting task on their own.

“Even with our initial limited knowledge of the programs, EBQ made the process painless and were flexible with our busy schedules,” said Gavin Mealiffe, VP of Sales at Tropicana.

Next was establishing a first response campaign for their new leads and a re-engagement campaign for their lost opportunities. As is often the case in the B2B world, many clients struggle with understanding how to best re-engage lost opportunities as well as handle warm leads. By using the native Pardot scoring and nurturing, Tropicana was able to better engage and re-engage old leads. Tropicana benefited from EBQ certified professionals’ expertise and the ability to save precious time for the company.

The Results

Tropicana Las Vegas’ integration with Salesforce and Pardot allowed the sales and marketing team to accomplish their goals of establishing a first response campaign, creating a customer journey for long-term marketing engagement, and developing an automated sales response to assigning leads to a specific territory.

Not only did they save time using EBQ to learn how to use their new integration, but Tropicana was also able to master the use of drip campaigns through ongoing education from EBQ experts.

“Throughout the whole process, everyone we worked with at EBQ was incredibly professional and accommodating,” said Mealiffe.

Tropicana now has a fully integrated system and nurturing customer journey that they use to re-engage lost opportunities and quickly close on warmer leads. They are currently using this system to improve relationships with their customers, track bookings, and organize leads among their sales team.

Not only that, but Tropicana also learned current best practices that allowed them to accomplish their automation goals and exceed them with their newfound knowledge.

Even with our initial limited knowledge of the programs, EBQ made the process painless and were flexible with our busy schedules.


Tropicana Las Vegas + EBQ

EBQ educated Tropicana Las Vegas on how to utilize Pardot to run automated response campaigns.

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