The LGBT Center Case Study

The LGBT Center + EBQ

EBQ audits The LGBT Community Center’s Pardot setup and helps The Center streamline engagement program logic.

The Challenge

The LGBT Community Center had been using Pardot marketing automation for around a year, in conjunction with another regularly scheduled email feature. They realized if they didn’t segment email recipients correctly, some people may unintentionally receive too many emails from The Center every week or even day. The Center’s Pardot users knew that there was a way to suppress certain recipients so this wouldn’t happen, but they didn’t know the best way to approach the issue and build it out.

“As our primary Pardot user, I felt pretty comfortable with the platform. But there were a few areas where I didn’t feel certain about the functionality and logic, especially when pulling data from Salesforce and using dynamic features," explained Evan Britt, Director of Digital Marketing.

The Center’s marketing team was looking to address the barriers they faced when launching certain engagement programs, as well as improve their Pardot understanding so they could replicate the solution in the future.

The Solution​ : Marketing Automation at EBQ

To further investigate and tackle their Pardot issues, The LGBT Community Center brought in EBQ for a platform audit and consultation.

EBQ’s Pardot-certified consultants reviewed The Center’s automations and segmentations to determine the best approach for their specific challenges, as well as identify ways to make the platform more streamlined overall.

The Pardot audit not only focused on restructuring certain engagement programs, but also on helping The Center’s Pardot users build the skills needed to do so in-house. Through the process, those users enhanced their strategic and technical understanding of what is possible with dynamic lists and list setup.

“It was a pleasant surprise how efficient and effective our consultant Geraldo was. Everything was broken down and communicated in a way that was accessible,” said Britt. “There weren’t any instances where something went over our heads and wasn’t clarified. We got the opportunity to dig deeper and really develop our understanding.”

The Results

Pardot users at The LGBT Community Center effectively segmented their email recipients, so that the same recipients don’t receive excessive or redundant communications from the organization. They were also able to simplify their Engagement Studio logic and gain a better understanding of what they can do with Pardot.

“We definitely solved all of the issues that we were looking to solve. We were even able to take on some additional issues, delving into campaigns and other areas we hadn’t initially anticipated,” said Britt.

One of the campaigns they revamped, an email program focused on their major Cycle for the Cause event, which raises funds to support The Center’s HIV and AIDS programs, included communications directed to several different segments of event participants.

With EBQ’s help, The Center’s marketing team consolidated the campaign from 5 separate engagement programs into 1 single, streamlined funnel by reworking its structure with proper logic and custom fields imported from Salesforce.

We definitely solved all of the issues that we were looking to solve. We were even able to take on some additional issues, delving into campaigns and other areas we hadn’t initially anticipated.


The LGBT Center + EBQ

EBQ’s marketing automation services helped audit The LGBT Center’s Pardot setup and streamlined its communication with their email subscribers.

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