From Cold Calling to MQLs: The Evolution of Your Demand Generation Engine


You’ve seen some growth in your business thanks to referrals, networking, and, of course, some persistent cold calling. It’s a great start, but what can you do next? Outbound selling can bring a lot of success to a company, but exploring other avenues of lead generation will ensure your growth doesn’t stagnate. This is where […]

Sales Pipeline Metrics to Measure


Sales Pipeline Metrics to Measure Once you’re regularly closing new business, you need to analyze your pipeline to see where improvements can be made and how you can optimize your sales process. Sales pipeline management requires meticulous review of your sales team’s performance metrics. How many deals are you closing, and how efficiently are you […]

How to Close The Deal with B2B Sales Closing Techniques


How to Close The Deal with B2B Sales Closing Techniques Closing the deal comes down to understanding your prospect’s challenge, conveying the value of your solution, and collaborating with the buyer to come to an agreement all stakeholders are happy with. Closing is a natural result of a proper sales process, and prospects don’t make […]

Sales Discovery Process


Sales Discovery Process The sales discovery process is a chance for sales reps to learn more about their prospect, the prospect’s organization, and business needs. Reps ask discovery questions to uncover useful information about buyer priorities and decision making procedures, in order to determine if they’re a qualified sales opportunity. In this chapter, we’ll talk […]

Opportunity Qualification Process and Criteria


Opportunity Qualification Process and Criteria Your opportunity qualification process and criteria validate whether a prospect has a need for your offering and is likely to purchase. As the first stage measured in your sales pipeline, qualification is where you narrow down which prospects are intent on continuing their buying journey.  The qualification process can be […]

Understanding the Sales Cycle


Understanding the Sales Cycle The sales cycle consists of all activities performed by a seller in the span of time it takes to close a deal. Understanding the sales cycle is a prerequisite for defining your pipeline stages and mastering pipeline management. Sales cycles can look very different from one company to the next, based […]

The Essential Guide to Sales Pipeline Management


The Essential Guide to Sales Pipeline Management Sales pipeline management is the systematic process of tracking sales activities and forecasting revenue throughout the sales cycle. Managing your sales pipeline effectively allows you to gain visibility into ongoing discussions, hold your sales reps accountable, and maintain more control over the complete sales process. When it comes […]

SaaS Free Trial Best Practices to Improve Conversions


SaaS Free Trial Best Practices to Improve Conversions SaaS free trial best practices are your guideline for creating a free trial program that converts users into customers. The main goal for a SaaS free trial is to show potential buyers that your software can meet their needs, and to ultimately win their business. Our expertise […]

Building a Successful Inside Sales Team


Building a successful inside sales team goes beyond just who to hire. Companies looking to get their sales team off the ground have to consider factors such as structure, budget, training, tools, and more. In this post, we’ll discuss how to build a successful sales team, from the planning stages, who to hire and how […]

How to Sell Your Software to a Big Company

How to Sell Your Software to a Big Company

You’ve done it: You’ve developed software poised to solve some of the biggest problems in business and you’re ready to take on selling to industry giants. But how do you sell your software to a big company? There are many factors to consider before taking the plunge: very large or “enterprise” companies have longer and […]