With an EBQ marketing department, you have access to our team of professional graphic/web designers, video producers, copywriters, social media experts and more.


With an EBQ marketing department, you have access to our team of professional graphic/web designers, video producers, copywriters, social media experts and more. Our specialists can execute marketing services to cover every aspect of your company’s multifaceted outbound strategy. Whether you are an emerging start-up or an established enterprise brand, EBQ’s marketing services department can increase your brand exposure, generating more qualified leads for your business.


Enhance your Visibility

EBQ’s robust Marketing team can run email campaigns through typical low cost, low intelligence emailing tools such as MailChimp where we can reach out to massive amounts of people to see who is opening and engaging with the emails.

EBQ Services include:

  • Logo creation
  • Tradeshow booths design
  • Webinars – GoToWebinar / Webex
  • EventBrite event creation
  • Awards for business recognition

Marketing Automation

Gain unprecedented visibility into your pipeline with the Pardot marketing automation platform. We can send email blasts, track website visitors, and monitor online ad buys. We can manage your Pardot instance and reinforce your surrounding lead gen and sales efforts with this powerful tool.

EBQ Services include:

  • Email automation
  • MailChimp
  • Pardot implementation / administration
  • Pardot forms
  • Campaign reporting
  • Custom redirect adword creation
  • Pardot integration
  • Engagement studio

Robust, Responsive Websites

When was the last time your company refreshed its web presence? How effective is your web presence as a driver of new business? Your EBQ marketing department can build robust, responsive websites powered by the WordPress CMS, complete with deep search engine optimization. We can also manage and update your site and social media presence to ensure that traffic continuously grows and, with it, new opportunities.

EBQ Services include:

  • WordPress websites design
  • Pardot implementation
  • Vanity URL’s / CNAME setup
  • Blog maintenance
  • Competitive website/keyword review
  • Form creation
  • Gate content for marketing metrics
  • SEO optimization
  • Google analytics reporting
  • Adword support

Marketing Rich Content

As companies bring in their insight, depth of knowledge, experience into their IP and into what makes their company tick, what’s specific about your product, who your competitors are, and all the copy that’s available within the minds of the customer, we take all of the copy and information and turn it into marketing rich content that is both good to look at and very targeted in its approach, sales focus that the customer is taking the next step.

EBQ Services include:

  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Customer case studies
  • Create white papers
  • Branded data sheets
  • Pardot landing pages
  • Email templates
  • Sales cliff notes creation

Social Voice Expertise

The year is 2016 and if you don’t have a social media presence, you are behind in the game. Luckily, EBQ has some expertise in this area. Our Marketing team can take your company’s voice and portray it across all of the major social media platforms in a way that engages existing followers and attracts new ones. We push out industry leading information on a consistent basis with messaging that reflects who you are as a company.

EBQ Services include:

  • Social media page updates
  • Product launch announcements
  • Press releases
  • User group postings


With our Marketing services, we can also help define your core customers, build contacts to allow for multiple entry points, and use our highly effective processes to see when the decision makers are maturing to the point where they are ready to open dialogue with your sales reps.

We Create Custom Branded Collateral

We provide our customers with a specialized team of fractional resources that can execute any or all of their marketing needs. Graphic designers, content creators, web developers, video producers, copywriters, bloggers etc. Our marketing specialists can tackle every aspect of your company’s multi-pronged marketing strategy. Whether you are an emerging startup or an established enterprise brand, our experts can increase your brand exposure in order to generate more leads for your business.


All of EBQ’s services are delivered via a trained, knowledgeable “department” of professionals, including a Success Manager, a Project Manager, and Specialists who work daily on your company’s behalf. This structure provides our clients the flexibility to change services and/or the size of the relationship at any time based on their needs, as well as added security against turnover or use of internal resources.