As a young start-up, Euclid Analytics utilized an EBQ Department to identify $13 million in new revenue opportunities.

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About Euclid Analytics

Euclid uses technology and data to help retailers answer key questions about their business, turning in-store analytics into insights and answers for improving marketing, merchandising, and operations. Their solution allows companies to quickly test, iterate, and optimize their processes.

Industry: Technology, Software

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Solution: Appointment Setting


The Challenge

Like a lot of start-ups, Euclid Analytics was faced with the challenge of building product awareness with limited marketing support. They needed to bridge the gap between their sales & marketing efforts and required momentum in acquiring net-new business. In particular, they needed a solution that supplied their sales team with qualified B2B appointments with diffcult to reach C-level prospects.

The Solution: Lead Generation Department at EBQ

Euclid sought out the services of EBQ’s Lead Generation Department. Other technology start-ups had referred EBQ and provided great reviews on our success in deploying targeted B2B lead generation and marketing campaigns. Euclid chose EBQ to deploy a targeted campaign to build brand awareness and set appointments with CXOs. The campaign included targeted list-building, personalized executive outreach, prospect nurturing, driving trade show attendance and B2B appointment setting.

The Results

EBQ quickly inserted itself into Euclid ’s sales and marketing processes and provided momentum to drive sales, reaching many titles (CTOs, CMOs, VP of Operations) that Euclid could not reach effectively on their own. To date, EBQ is responsible for identifying over $13 million in new revenue opportunities and has supplied several of Euclid’s key, national deals.

Looking back, Euclid’s COO Scott Crosby had this to say: “I can’t imagine a case where it’s not worth giving EBQ a shot. They have a well-proven record of reaching C-suite execs at the largest companies, and securing meetings with the right people at those organizations. EBQ was instrumental to our current success.”

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