Boston Architectural College Case Study

Boston Architectural College + EBQ

Boston Architectural College partners with EBQ to migrate from HubSpot to Pardot.


Even with impeccable tenure of over 125 years, Boston Architectural College faced challenges in proactively generating student applicants in the digital age. In an effort to create a high demand for prospects, BAC needed to migrate to a marketing automation platform with a seamless customer experience. Having started out with HubSpot, they quickly realized their legacy system had limited functionalities and a shorter engagement. Additionally, BAC was looking for greater visibility into campaign and ROI reporting as well as a more seamless integration with Salesforce CRM.

The Boston institution needed a powerful automation platform that could build meaningful and lasting business and student relationships, along with inbound efforts that drive high-quality leads and results.

The Solution​ : Pardot Implementation at EBQ

This is when BAC made the decision to migrate from HubSpot to Pardot. As is common anytime a large-scale platform change is made, the challenge was foreboding and required all hands on deck. Moving contact records over, redesigning email templates, importing users, creating segmented contacts all can be an arduous task on a normal timeline. Unfortunately, BAC was on a tight deadline because their Hubspot would be sunsetted in a few short weeks as the fall semester quickly approached.

“The very idea of switching platforms from our legacy system to Pardot by Salesforce seemed like an insurmountable challenge until we met with EBQ,” said James Ryan, Vice President of Enrollment Management.

Given that EBQ has done over a thousand projects training on Pardot, the team was well-equipped for the challenge. BAC enrolled in the Jump Start implementation and training program — a crash course into all things Pardot.

This program has launched many companies into successful Pardot onboarding and execution as it breaks down the engagement into 7 sessions, covering all core platform functionalities.

One value that EBQ brought to the table was the best practices component of the Jump Start program.

Since the BAC staff had limited marketing automation experience, they were looking to understand what the industry best practices were for email marketing and how to use Pardot effectively. In other words, not just how to use Pardot, but also why and the best way to set up campaigns, report on ROI, qualify leads, etc.

Finally, EBQ’s Pardot specialists helped set the wheels in motion by providing a variety of helpful and practical learning materials. In addition to the pre-recorded training videos, EBQ sourced example email and landing page templates and additional reference materials on industry best practices.

“Their collaborative approach, commitment to really getting to know us, and hands-on instruction had us up and running in no time,” said Ryan.

The Results

In sum, this best practices component combined with the over-the-shoulder training allowed BAC to make a smooth transition from HubSpot to Pardot in time for their admissions campaigns to go live for the fall semester.

“Not only are we now all confident Pardot users, our inquiries, applications, and deposits are all up over 20% for the coming fall,” said Ryan.

Their collaborative approach, commitment to really getting to know us, and hands-on instruction had us up and running in no time.


Boston Architectural College + EBQ

EBQ helped Boston Architectural College migrate their marketing automation from HubSpot to Pardot through an implementation and training program.

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