Cold Calling Scripts


Next, we need to tailor our message to our persona. At a high level, our cold call scripts and messaging will depend on our target job titles.

For example, you will want to speak to the pain point of a manager by sending information about how your product or service can help them manage their team better. Or if you are reaching out to higher-level employees, they will want to know more about how a business transaction with you will help them increase their bottom line.

Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

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One of the best ways to start is by creating an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a 4-5 sentence value proposition that your Sales Team can use on their calls and voicemails which provides a brief company and service introduction as well as a call-to-action.

There are a few components of the elevator pitch that are crucial:

  • Introduction and reason for call (how you found out about them)
  • Brief value proposition of the product and service
  •  Call-to-Action with way to contact and set up a meeting

Here is an example of an elevator pitch from our sales playbook:

Point of Contact Unknown Hi _____ this is ____ with ____. I want to speak with the decision maker of the clinic about our award winning technology platform for weight loss clinics. Would you be the correct point of contact, or do you know who might be?

Or sometimes you have the correct point of contact and can get more personal:

Correct Point of Contact My VP wanted me to reach out to weight loss clinics that we feel would be a great fit for our full-featured weight loss platform and provide a short demo. We’re also recipients of the 2018 SmartHealth Award for our technology.

We help expand the relationship and engagement with patients outside clinic visits and help track and address difficult to manage chronic behavioral challenges.

In addition, we drive revenue from increased retention, referrals, reactivations, even device sales.

Do you have a couple minutes this afternoon to view a short demo?

Notice the difference in tone when you have more information about them. This is why it is paramount that you evolve your cold calling scripts.

Evolving Your
Cold Calling Scripts

Make sure to evolve your message throughout the cadence and be adaptable to the specific needs and feedback of the prospective client. If the prospect is engaging well with your message, make sure to annotate effectively and leverage that information in future calls and emails. Vice-versa, if your message isn’t sticking, it might be time to hit the whiteboard and refine your message.

One of the ways to evolve your cold calling scripts is by developing sound bites:

  • SmartHealth Award Winning Platform
  • Mobile app for patients
  • Dashboard for staff that updates with real time behavioral data
  • Increases the growth and retention of the patient base
  • Clinics who use our platform have seen a major spike in patient referrals
  • HIPAA Compliant messaging system, Video Conferencing coming later in 2018.
  • Stay in touch and feel supported between consultations/appointments
  • Patients can handle scheduling at their own discretion
  • We say “custom mobile app” because we customize what the patients log:
    • Any metrics they measure specific to their program
    • Any meal replacements or supplements they offer

Next, we will dive into Sales Cadence Best Practices

Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting

Don’t have time to read the full guide right now? Download the Ultimate Guide to B2B Appointment Setting to read at your convenience.

Chapter 6: Sales call cadence best practices
Creating consistent touchpoints is key to pushing your prospects further down the funnel. Learn how to establish an SDR call cadence in our next chapter.
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