Cold Calling Best Practices

SaaS and technology companies all face a similar problem with respect to cold calling and lead generation: they need to know how to get to the right person within the target organization in order for a cold call to be effective. Quite often, the individual within the organization that feels the pain is not the individual that is responsible for making the purchase. How do you know where to start? Here are a few best practices for sales professionals in SaaS and technology companies.

EBQ Cold Calling Generates Revenue for B2B
  • Adhere to a top-down approach. You must begin with the end in sight. The person who will sign off on the product purchase should be the person with whom you have the initial conversation. Once you get through to that person, it is essential that you have an intelligent conversation. Scripts will not get you where you want to go. Scripts provide a one-sided presentation and not the intelligent conversation required to drive the next steps.
  • Make the first thirty seconds memorable. At EBQuickstart we say “Thirty seconds earns three minutes which can then get you the thirty-minute conference call.” It works.
  • You have to nurture. The majority of the time, you are calling into a company at a moment when they have no dire need or upfront budget for the solution you are selling. You must be able to nurture them along the process to create a sales cycle.

If you remember this advice and incorporate it into your approach, you will be more successful. Take a top-down approach. Begin with the end in sight. Engage in intelligent conversations. Do not rely on scripts. Deliver a memorable first thirty seconds to earn minutes. Nurture your prospects.

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