Mailchimp Email Marketing Services

MailChimp Email Marketing Services
Our Marketing Specialists run intelligent email marketing campaigns on your behalf, driving engagement with your prospects at every stage of their buying journey.
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Mailchimp administration services

We run Mailchimp for you, so you can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on daily platform maintenance.

EBQ’s Mailchimp experts design beautifully branded email templates, delve into your messaging to write persuasive email copy, and provide guidance on email marketing strategy for your business.

Better Mailchimp email campaigns

Whether you’re new to Mailchimp or looking to drive better results from your email marketing, we help organizations take full advantage of the Mailchimp platform.

Our Specialists develop email campaigns tailored to your specific marketing goals, identifying any underutilized Mailchimp features and opportunities for improvement.

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Pardot Automation

Looking to take your marketing to the next level?

We wrote the B2B Marketing Strategy Framework Guide for you. Free to anyone who is ready to take their marketing strategy to the next level.

Marketing Tools

We’re experts with modern marketing tools, so you don’t have to be!

With hands-on experience in B2B’s most innovative apps and tools, we take a data-driven approach to continually improve prospect engagement. Whether we work directly out of your platform or provide our insights manually, you always get full visibility into the process.

The best way to build a marketing team

With EBQ, you’re not just hiring a marketing specialist. You’re getting an entire marketing department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

For each project, we provide: a Success Manager to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, and one or more Specialists working diligently to amplify your brand.

Complete Department Marketing

Join the thousands
of customers that
love EBQ.

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Join the thousands
of customers that
love EBQ.

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What's it like to work with EBQ?

"The training and onboarding process was not complicated at all. Our Project Manager did a great job of understanding what we were trying to accomplish with our message. The process you have put together is friction free."
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Omar Jordan
CEO, LenderClose
“EBQuickstart is not your typical outsourced vendor. Their specialists truly feel like a direct extension of our marketing team. We are all working hand-in-hand towards a shared goal.”

Jill Black
VP of Marketing, Onit
"We’d never tried outsourcing when we decided to go with EBQ, but they have fundamentally changed the way we do business. We foresee this being an ongoing, long-term relationship. The future looks bright."
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Tim Smith
CRO, FirstClose

Yes, I want to maximize my marketing efforts.