EBQ’s approach to Pardot automation is just a click away

Download The B2B Guide to Pardot Lead Scoring

Learn how to set up a lead scoring strategy that’s tailored to the needs of your customers and business.

What can Pardot lead scoring do for you?

Qualify leads automatically.

Tell Pardot what “marketing-qualified lead” means to your company continuously send your warmest leads straight to your sales team.

Segment prospects by interest level.

Create email campaigns that send prospects relevant information based on how much they’ve engaged with your brand and marketing content.

Give your sales team marketing visibility.

Alert your sales team as soon a a new marketing lead is qualified, or when prospects interact with specific content and web pages.

Complete Department Marketing

Start exceeding your email marketing goals.

EBQ’s Pardot Specialists can set up and manage your Pardot platform and campaigns for you.

Drive prospect engagement through automation and meet every email marketing goal with an outsourced team of certified Pardot experts.