EBQ’s Pardot Department can set up your Pardot instance, integrate it into your existing CRM account and turn your team into Pardot experts in just a few weeks. Don’t have a team? Or does your team lack the time? We can implement and administrate Pardot for you to ensure you’re getting the most out of this extraordinary platform. Pardot can provide powerful marketing automation.

With Pardot, you can build and send eye-catching mass emails and create long-term lead nurturing campaigns all with built-in, robust tracking and reporting capabilities Track and analyze prospect engagement across all of your marketing content while utilizing Pardot’s integrated scoring and grading system to gauge interest and keep prospects continually moving through your funnel.

Installation Packages
STAND-UP Package | 15 DAYS
This package is best for customers who prefer to learn on their own but would like to keep a life line open during the initial roll-out. If you just need to get your Pardot instance up and running, EBQ can handle the initial set-up and provide pre-recorded training videos along with help-line support to answer questions pertaining to use and functionalilty.
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Training Packages
The Quick Start package covers Pardot from top to bottom. All capabilities and functionalities of the platform are explained and demonstrated alongside use-case discussions and best practice guidance. All training sessions are conducted via screen-share, recorded, and provided to the client for future reference. Your EBQ team is also on-hand via phone and email to provide support.
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Administration Packages
SHOW & TELL Package | 90 DAYS
The EBQ Pardot Show & Tell Package is built for companies that may have lost their Pardot power user and require training on the platform, but can’t afford to interrupt their marketing campaigns in the interim. During this 12-week program, EBQ will train your team on all aspects of Pardot while simultaneously serving as your dedicated Pardot admin, executing email marketing campaigns as your internal personnel is brought up to speed.
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The Admin package is designed for companies that have a clear vision of how they want to use Salesforce, but lack the time and resources to execute the details. We will provide you with a dedicated Salesforce administrator who will take directives and execute your Salesforce vision on an ongoing basis. Best of all, your EBQ team features it’s own built-in management layer so you’re free to focus on other priorities while we handle the day-to-day responsibilities.
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Support Packages
TUNE UP Package | 30 DAYS
The Tune-Up package is ideal for companies that simply need a refresher course on the Salesforce platform. This package can be customized to focus on specific areas of deficiency or to highlight functions that may be underutilized or completely unused. Your EBQ team will work to ensure you optimize your Salesforce investment.
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For companies seeking a reliable support option once their training concludes, we offer the Premium Support package. This ongoing program provides the client with a Pardot support specialist who will always be on hand to troubleshoot any issues, provide tech support and offer best practice guidance.
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Do More+
Migration Assistance
The Migration package is designed for companies that have experience in MA tools but want guidance in migrating to Pardot from a competitive product. EBQ will direct your marketing team during the migration to make sure your team transition is smooth.
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Campaign Execution
Campaign Execution is designed for companies who want their first campaign or an essential campaign performed perfectly. EBQ will roll up our sleeves and work with your marketing team to assist in the execution of an email, landing page, or Engagement Studio campaign.
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Salesforce Engage and Training
Engage Training is for companies who have purchased Salesforce Engage for Sales Teams in conjuction with Pardot. EBQ will assist SFDC administrators in the technical setup and train sales managers and sales teams on how to best use SFDC Engage.
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EBQ is a Pardot Registered Consulting Partner
Don’t let a lack of personnel prevent you from reaping the benefits of Pardot marketing automation; EBQ can provide you a team of marketing/Pardot specialists to run the tool as an extension of your company. EBQ can train your internal team on this remarkable marketing automation platform or even act as administrators of the tool on your company’s behalf.
Pardot B2B marketing automation by Salesforce helps marketers create more leads, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Pardot select partner for software training, installation, long-term dedicated marketing support, HTML and graphics support, and administration services.

Your Very Own Pardot Administrator

As a Pardot Select Partner, EBQ is certified to train, implement and administrate this powerful marketing automation platform. Our experience over hundreds of Pardot clients, coupled with using the tool for our own internal marketing campaigns, has given our certified Pardot experts extensive insight into the tool’s capabilities. Your dedicated administrator will work with you to execute your marketing vision through Pardot. We will build email campaigns and landing pages, write copy and craft messaging, and manage all Pardot created elements.

Most importantly, all EBQ Pardot administrators are also marketing specialists capable of offering email and marketing automation best practice guidance.

Comprehensive Pardot Training

EBQ’s comprehensive Pardot training dives deep into all of its capabilities, while also providing multiple opportunities for clients to execute campaigns as they train.

Each training session is conducted live via screen-share and recorded for the client’s future reference. And because all of EBQ’s Pardot trainers are marketing specialists, we focus on email marketing best practices that drive conversions.

Pardot B2B marketing automation by Salesforce helps marketers create more leads, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Pardot select partner for software training, installation, long-term dedicated marketing support, HTML and graphics support, and administration services.


All of EBQ’s services are delivered via a trained, knowledgeable “department” of professionals, including a Success Manager, a Project Manager, and Specialists who work daily on your company’s behalf. This structure provides our clients the flexibility to change services and/or the size of the relationship at any time based on their needs, as well as added security against turnover or use of internal resources.