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Download the B2B Marketer’s Guide to Pardot

Even for experienced B2B marketers, Pardot can be complicated and overwhelming. Our guide is written by Pardot certified experts, free for anyone who is looking to maximize their ROI from Pardot.

Pardot’s a big investment, get the most out of it

Learn Pardot’s full potential

More than a beginner’s guide, this guide of best practices covers all the key tools in Pardot and explains how to use them to drive more leads.

Drive higher conversion rates

Our form and landing page best practices will give you insight into both aestheticĀ and psychological design decisions to make best-in-class conversion paths.

Nurturing prospects into MQLs

By using advanced Pardot tools like the engagement studio, you’ll be able to create engagementĀ programs that can interact with leads for months in the background.

Need Help Executing with Pardot?

Our expert team of Pardot Certified Marketers can help you get the most out of your Marketing Automation goals. Reach out and learn how we can start executing your email marketing campaigns on your behalf and maximize ROI.