The EBquickstart / EBQ leadership team includes proven leaders from the fields of data management, marketing support, lead generation, sales, and customer service.

EBQuickstart LLC – EBQ leadership team includes proven leaders from the fields of data management, marketing support, lead generation, sales, and customer service.

  • Tim Edwards
    Tim Edwards CEO/Founder

    Tim Edwards co-founded ebQuickstart (EBQ) in 2006 with a vision for the company to become the standard-bearer in servicing every phase of the sales cycle, from opening to close. As CEO, Edwards oversees the successful management of nearly 80 global clients, who rely on EBQ to create new pipelines for business, generate revenue and sustain growth through its comprehensive portfolio of sales and lead generation services.

    • John McLellan
      John McLellan Chief Revenue Officer

      John McLellan brings with him over 25 years of high-tech sales and marketing experience during which he built and trained successful sales teams and consistently exceeded revenue targets, even assisting Pervasive Software (now Actian) in successfully navigating their IPO. He began his career with EBQuickstart on the sales team in 2010 and quickly worked his way up to VP of Revenue. John has overseen massive company growth and has spearheaded many new initiatives designed to build upon consistent increases in both revenue and personnel.

      • Stuart Bontrager
        Stuart Bontrager VP, Sales

        Stuart Bontrager began his career with EBQuickstart 4 years ago as one of the Success Managers, managing numerous client relationships and driving consistent positive ROI. In his current position as VP of Sales, Stuart now oversees EBQ’s entire client-facing sales division, including EBQ’s new Channel Sales department.

        • Michael Edwards
          Michael Edwards VP, Business Development

          Michael Edwards has been with EBQuickstart since the beginning, co-founding the company with Tim Edwards and John Bontrager in 2006. Since then he has personally managed over 50 client lead generation projects before moving into his current role as VP of Business Development. Now Mr. Edwards is responsible for hiring and training new employees as well as overseeing all projects, managers and specialists across the lead generation, data and customer service departments.

          • Doug Phelps
            Doug Phelps VP, Professional Services

            Doug Phelps has been crucial to the success and growth of EBQ’s Professional Services department. With over 25 years of experience in high-tech sales and marketing – including time with Pepsi, MicroMain, Corrigo and Nettime – Doug has been integral in driving EBQ’s adoption of marketing automation and sales tool implementations as a service.

            • Robert Ploeger
              Robert Ploeger VP, Human Resources

              Robert Ploeger has been with EBQuickstart since 2007. In his current position as VP of Human Resources, Robert is responsible for overseeing all human resource management and office operations. Prior to his current role, Robert was a Director of Business Development for EBQ and played an integral part in driving EBQ’s growth. He has managed numerous client relationships and helped drive consistent positive ROI.

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              All of EBQ’s services are delivered via a trained, knowledgeable “department” of professionals, including a Success Manager, a Project Manager, and Specialists who work daily on your company’s behalf. This structure provides our clients the flexibility to change services and/or the size of the relationship at any time based on their needs, as well as added security against turnover or use of internal resources.