LearningCurv/TechVAR has been acquired by EBQ!

Our goal is to help you exceed yours.

Since 2006, EBQ has helped B2B companies delight their customers through every stage of the buyer’s journey.


The EBQ Approach

EBQ provides outsourced sales and marketing services to software, hardware, and cloud technology organizations.

We offer teams dedicated to each step of the sales cycle, which can be sourced to fill gaps or accelerate your sales efforts. Each team comes fully managed and trained on best practices to drive pipeline and revenue growth.

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Collaboration That Drives Growth

Located in the vibrant tech metropolis of Austin, Texas, we are dedicated to finding the best talent this city has to offer and fostering growth for both our clients and employees.

Whether we’re working from home or safely in our one and only Austin-based office, our team is always in sync with more collaboration and cohesion than our competitors.

Life is good at EBQ.

Our people are your people.

Two beliefs influence everything we do here at EBQ. We believe that our customers deserve the very best of our efforts and that our employees deserve the opportunity for growth. We strive everyday to embody these principles and know that incorporating them into everything we do ultimately brings success to our company, our clients, and our team.

EBQ Leadership

President & CEO

Tim Edwards co-founded EBQ in  2006 with a vision for the company to become the standard-bearer in  servicing every phase of the sales

VP of Sales

Brent Walrath joined EBQ in 2010 as an SDR, quickly rising through the ranks to his current role, VP of Sales, with extensive knowledge about lead generation and sales campaigns.

VP of Services

Michael Edwards has been with EBQ since 2006, co-founding the company with Tim Edwards and John Bontrager before moving into his current role as VP of Services.

VP of Human Resources

Robert Ploeger has been with EBQ since 2007 and, as VP of Human Resources, is now responsible for overseeing all human resource management and office operations.

Join Our Team

Jump start your career in sales and marketing at EBQ. Work alongside experts at a company that’s wholly invested in your professional growth.