EBQ Marketing dramatically increased demo requests, prompting Onit to recruit an EBQ Appointment Setting Department to meet MQL volume.

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About Onit

Onit develops user-friendly Smart Process Apps designed to easily adapt to changing process demands and provide insight into business processes on the whole. Onit’s Apps are lightweight, easily customizable by the end user and offer a level of flexibility that is absent in enterprise software.

Industry: Enterprise Business Apps

Location: Houston, TX

Solution: Marketing, Appointment Setting


The Challenge

When Onit became an EBQ client, they had already been using the Pardot marketing automation platform for well over a year. However, their Pardot power user—the person responsible for day-to-day internal management of the tool—had left the company. At first, the obvious solution for Onit seemed to be hiring a new marketing employee. However, this person would need to be simultaneously trained on both Onit’s marketing initiatives and the Pardot platform itself, so this option was quickly deemed unfeasible.

The Solution: Marketing Department at EBQ

EBQ is one of only a handful of Pardot Select Partners in the country, and one thing that sets us apart is our ability to both train clients on how to use the platform and administrate the tool on a client’s behalf.

Ultimately, Onit determined that having an EBQ marketing department on hand to manage and administrate Pardot as well as create content and write copy was more advantageous than attempting to replace their power user. This allowed them to continue the steady stream of 3-5 marketing emails per week, sent to various segmented lists culled from their vast prospect database.

The Results

While Onit’s main objective was to keep their email marketing program running, they were also looking to increase the results. They didn’t just want continued email campaigns; they wanted better email campaigns. Early on, the EBQ team advised them on the benefits of text-based emails versus HTML rich content. Right off the bat, emails written by the EBQ team began generating increased click-through and open rates.

This influx of new activity eventually became too much for the Onit sales team to keep up with. So just two months in they opted to add an EBQ lead generation department that would be tasked with contacting the marketing qualified leads resulting from each email campaign.

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