Members Private Sale

EBQ Data and Appointment Setting Departments helped tech start-up Members Private Sale discover their target market and secure funding through market validation efforts.

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About Members Private Sale

Members Private Sale is the product of decades of experience in the fields of auto sales, credit unions and technology. The company offers an innovative web-based solution, allowing credit unions to keep their members’ auto loans while giving those members the opportunity to buy and sell vehicles at the optimal “private sale” price.

Industry: Technology, Software

Location: Austin, TX

Solution: Data, Appointment Setting

The Challenge

Brian Cahak , CEO of Members Private Sale, needed immediate market validation for his new company in order to receive funding. Like most tech start-ups, Brian lacked an internal sales team to do the heavy calling that would not only identify decision makers, but would recognize how well his solution would perform in a specific market. Brian initially wanted to offer his solution to Federal Credit Unions (FCUs), hoping to appeal to their membership-based mentality. However, Brian lacked the manpower to identify potential clients and reach out to them.

The Solution: Lead Generation & Data Department at EBQ

Brian’s investors would secure funding if he utilized EBQ’s services to aid his market validation efforts. EBQ’s Data Management and Lead Generation Departments assisted Member Private Sales with prospecting FCUs by organizing a campaign that included list-building, prospect outreach and B2B appointment setting.

The Results

EBQ’s layer of management and unique lead scoring mechanism helped Brian to identify decision makers for FCUs and understand their needs and priorities. It was quickly determined that FCUs were not the best market, since solutions like MPS were not a priority. Upon determining this result, EBQ swiftly pivoted their efforts, crafting fresh lists and messaging for a new potential market. Looking back, Brian had this to say: “If you are going to be unsuccessful in a market, you want to fail fast and cheap then change direction and try again. EBQ enables you to do so; they have a low cost solution with a high ROI. No one can target sales like EBQ.”

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