Extend Fertility Case Study

Extend Fertility + EBQ

EBQ helps Extend Fertility’s new Pardot users create a cohesive brand experience through email.

The Challenge

Following a thorough rebranding, Extend Fertility’s new Pardot users were facing uncertainty about creating professional-looking Pardot emails that reflected the new look and feel.

“With the rebrand and everything we’ve recently launched, we wanted to create a clean brand experience. This can be challenging and take longer than expected when designing emails, especially for someone new to Pardot,“ said Director of Digital at Extend Fertility.

Extend Fertility’s primary Pardot user said the team was experiencing frustration with the platform’s interface when designing emails. From ensuring fonts were loaded correctly to formatting email bodies, Extend Fertility found it difficult to get their Pardot emails to look the way they should.

The Solution​ : Marketing Automation at EBQ

Extend Fertility turned to EBQ for help auditing their current Pardot setup, training their new users, and to provide ongoing support for the platform.

EBQ’s certified consultants helped Extend Fertility’s Pardot users understand the best way to approach different tasks and projects in the platform. EBQ provided training on designing Pardot email templates and other automation processes that the new users didn’t have experience with.

“Having access to the training materials and the EBQ team, as well as being able to ask questions as they arise, was really helpful for us. We worked with Colton and Nelson for the training sessions, and they were very professional, organized, and patient with us as we got up-to-speed,” said their Director of Digital.

The Results

Extend Fertility successfully used Pardot to create branded emails and launch drip campaigns that are essential to their organization. Through EBQ’s guidance, Extend Fertility’s Pardot users can now confidently set up customer campaigns (such as their new customer welcome series), in addition to urgent communications (such as patient notifications).

“I’m using Pardot every day to create emails and ensure we have engagement series setup. It’s important to us that everything is uniform and adhering to our new brand guidelines, and we wouldn’t have been able to do that if we were working with a system where our abilities were limited,” said their Director of Digital.

Beyond designing emails, Extend Fertility’s marketers now have a better handle on list creation and can effectively leverage data in Pardot to tailor their messaging.

With typically long customer cycles and a significant amount of information about each patient, being able to better segment their audiences and track the customer journey has been critical for Extend Fertility.

“With EBQ, I feel like I get answers to anything I need, and the team has always been very willing to hop on the phone and walk through something with me. Knowing that that ’s the level of service we get, I would definitely explore other EBQ services if we ever need them,” said their Director of Digital.

With EBQ, I feel like I get answers to anything I need, and the team has always been very willing to hop on the phone and walk through something with me.

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Extend Fertility + EBQ

EBQ guided Extend Fertility on creating branded emails, launching drip campaigns, and creating lists.

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