Coviance Case Study

Coviance + EBQ

Through the partnership, Coviance learned processes and practices to build a fully-functional internal sales engine.

The Challenge

Coviance was a new startup with no internal sales team before they began their partnership with EBQ. In the company’s early days, the CEO was single-handedly performing product demos, following up on those opportunities, and closing deals.

Looking toward future growth, Coviance realized their need to build an internal sales engine but wanted help defining a process for generating qualified leads.

The Solution​

Attracted to EBQ’s month-to-month contracts and the value of a fully-managed department, Coviance brought on an EBQ Appointment Setting team to deliver qualified sales appointments. The partnership began with one sales development rep who set sales meetings for their CEO.

As the company experienced growth and an inflow of sales meetings, Coviance started building their internal sales team. The company hired its first sales executives, recruiting additional EBQ Specialists to schedule demos for the new salespeople.

At the height of the partnership, Coviance ramped up to a total of four EBQ reps and one EBQ Marketing Specialist. “What I liked about EBQ is that they were fearless, and it didn’t matter what type of lead I put in front of them. They just went for it,” said Coviance CEO Omar Jordan.

Coviance needed help with their initial marketing efforts, so they brought on an EBQ Marketing Specialist to set up webinars, create landing pages, and contribute to overall branding. EBQ introduced Coviance to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), a B2B marketing automation platform, which was utilized to drive inbound growth and create awareness for Coviance prospects.

During the course of their partnership with EBQ, Coviance gained valuable knowledge about collaboration across teams and CRMs. The company picked up best practices for call cadence, using scripts effectively, handoff calls to sales reps, and knowing how many SDRs they required for any specified number of demos.

The Results

Coviance saw a 380% increase in revenue between 2017 and 2018, and their CEO claims, “it was the partnership with EBQ that really made the difference.” The company began as a young startup but, with EBQ’s help, was able to quickly build its pipeline and its own sales structure.

As a result of this rapid growth, the company became self-sufficient enough to eventually handle all of their sales functions in-house. To Coviance, the insights and processes gained from outsourcing their SDR efforts to EBQ proved instrumental in achieving this success.

EBQ Helps Coviance Dramatically Increase Revenue

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The training and onboarding process was not complicated at all. Our Project Manager did a great job of understanding what we were trying to accomplish with our message. The process you have put together is friction free.

Coviance + EBQ

Through the partnership, Coviance learned processes and practices to build a fully-functional internal sales engine.

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