BioPlus Case Study

BioPlus + EBQ

BioPlus implements an automated relationship-nurturing journey with EBQ.


BioPlus is ranked #1 in patient satisfaction of independent specialty pharmacies. However, they knew they could build even stronger relationships with their patients and improve their workflow by introducing a more seamless marketing automation solution.

BioPlus wanted an easier way to instantly communicate with new patients and kick off their transactional relationship in a professional way. They wanted a marketing automation system that would allow their team members to understand, collaborate, and create effective marketing and nurturing programs.

Additionally, BioPlus was looking for an automated solution that could update their patients with shipment tracking details. They wanted to be informative and welcoming, while having an automated process for improving patient relationships.

Given that some members of the BioPlus marketing team had limited marketing automation experience, they knew they would need a tool that was powerful yet intuitive. BioPlus wanted something more simple and visual than their legacy system.

The Solution​ : Marketing Automation at EBQ

BioPlus made the decision to adopt Salesforce Marketing Cloud and partner with EBQ to help implement their new automation software. They were unfamiliar with the Salesforce universe and wanted to take a deep dive into all the capabilities of Marketing Cloud from data extensions and Journey Builder to Social and Ad Studio.

BioPlus had a vision of what the patient journey should be as far as touchpoints and what events would trigger what action but needed assistance building their first journey.

“We wanted a safety net to help us along the way and not inhibit us,” said Chris Bigas, Software (API) Developer at BioPlus.

EBQ’s 8-week implementation program allowed BioPlus to onboard their team while executing campaigns on the powerful but layered Marketing Cloud platform. The program worked seamlessly for BioPlus’s challenge of learning and developing a relationship-nurturing campaign. BioPlus became self-sufficient while utilizing EBQ’s expertise on industry best practices.

“If I was stuck on something, rather than pounding my head against the screen it was nice to have the EBQ team there to bounce scenarios off of instead of spending too much time mocking up tests”, said Bigas.

BioPlus benefited from EBQ’s expertise and the ability to accelerate their campaigns and save precious time for the company.

The Results

With EBQ’s help, BioPlus’s Marketing Cloud implementation was a success. EBQ effectively onboarded the BioPlus marketing team and empowered their power user to confidently execute campaigns, keeping the team in sync every step of the way. They now have an automated, professional, and instant welcome email journey for their patients.

Additionally, they were able to effectively synchronize their database and automatically update shipment tracking information with greater visibility to their customers. BioPlus’s original goal of providing an efficient way of starting and maintaining a transactional relationship with their patients was accomplished.

After the engagement, the BioPlus team felt confident in executing their email marketing and nurturing campaigns and is optimistic about the future of automation for their company. Once Salesforce Marketing Cloud was implemented, BioPlus boasted an open-rate above 60%.

If I was stuck on something, rather than pounding my head against the screen it was nice to have the EBQ team there to bounce scenarios off of instead of spending too much time mocking up tests.

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BioPlus + EBQ

EBQ’s certified team empowered BioPlus to create a well thought-out and automated welcome campaign for their new patients.

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