B2B Buyer’s Journey: Growth

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B2B Buyer's Journey

Your customer reaches the growth stage of their buyer’s journey when they go through the process of onboarding and learning your product. The strategist’s goal during this stage is to maximize value for the customer in hopes of retaining them and increasing their lifetime value.

How do we maximize value for our customers after the contract is already signed? At EBQ, we provide dedicated Training and Implementation teams that work with our clients’ new customers, teaching them how to get the most from our clients’ services. The goal of our Training Specialists is to kick off each new customer relationship with trust and collaboration toward the user’s success.

In one case, an EBQ Training Department helped OKI Data enable over 600 new customers by providing the guidance needed to operate the technology company’s new platform. When you prioritize your customer’s success, you can increase their engagement with your product, demonstrate how your service contributes to their objectives, and foster loyalty down the line.

Outbound strategy

You should be proactive in your approach toward customer enablement, managing expectations and establishing your reputation as supportive and resourceful from the start. Personalize your approach, reaching out to customers individually to guarantee they onboard and implement your solution correctly.

Develop an instructional program that teaches clients how to install your product and customize their experience, making sure you explain key features and how to measure success. Use this introduction to your offering as an opportunity for up-selling or cross-selling by mentioning any upgrades or additional services that are available for purchase.

Some strategies to consider for your customer enablement process:

  • Ensuring customers consistently use and rely on your service by educating them on best practices for integrating it into their organizational processes
  • Extending your reach throughout customers’ organizations by identifying other areas or departments that would benefit from your product or service
  • Creating brand advocates and generating word of mouth by proving your value as a resource

Depending on your business and customer volume, hands-on training for each acquisition might be less feasible. Email automation can be helpful when facilitating this growth stage, touching on each phase of product implementation with relevant information sent in a timely manner.

Customers should always be aware when new updates and features become available and when it’s time to renew their contract. Reaching your users with this information early and continuously helping them get the most out of your service can decrease churn rates and drive long-term value from each acquisition.

Inbound strategy

It’s crucial that your customers have all the information they need to effectively use your product. Creating content around your customers’ success can increase engagement with both their purchased product and your brand in general.

Provide the guidance your customers need via blog posts, long-form content, email campaigns, and social posts. And make sure the information is easy to locate and structured in a useful, logical way. When your customers are well-educated on your offering, they are more likely to engage with the product consistently, recognize the value in it, and spread the word about it.

Importance of retention

Research shows that attracting a new customer costs at least five times as much as retaining an existing one, yet many organizations focus their growth strategy on earning new business. When you tap into this lucrative market, your existing customers, you unlock potential for increased revenue, brand advocacy, and long-term success for your company.

As the methods customers use to research their purchase decisions evolve, we recognize that the buyer’s journey evolves, too. In an era where many buyers are numb to advertising and choose to seek out information on their own, we must consider post-decision stages of the journey and cultivate customer loyalty to offset the increasing costs of customer acquisition.

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