B2B Buyer’s Journey: Delight

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B2B Buyer's Journey

The delight stage of the buyer’s journey is considered the final stage of your customer acquisition, but truthfully, you should tailor your efforts to delight customers throughout their journey. The goal of “delighting” is to nurture meaningful relationships that build long-lasting loyalty and encourage your customers to become evangelists for your brand.

When approaching the delight stage, strategists should demonstrate the benefit of a cooperative relationship where you facilitate their success and they, in turn, facilitate yours. Establishing this symbiotic relationship will increase your clients’ trust in your ability to support their goals and make them more likely to refer new leads to your company.

Outbound strategy

Your outbound strategy during the delight stage should involve consistent reminders of the value you offer, presented in the form of promotional offers, client-specific communications, and proactive customer service. Keep clients satisfied and engaged with your company by showing them you care about their customer experience.

Some outbound tactics for keeping clients engaged and delighted include:

  • Sending appreciation emails that thank customers for doing business with you and request feedback or testimonials
  • Setting up a monthly newsletter to keep customers up-to-speed on your services and activity within your company
  • Creating personalized nurture campaigns that offer value-added information customized to the client’s needs

To fully demonstrate the value of doing business with you, be sure to provide the continuous education and training required to use your product successfully. Be proactive about your customer service by reminding clients about important updates or renewals ahead of time, and reduce client concerns by being responsive and transparent to any negative feedback you may receive.

There are many services available that provide outbound agents, but if you choose to go this route, make sure to outsource your customer service to an organization that fully understands your customers’ goals.

Inbound strategy

Your inbound strategy during the delight stage should be all about creating an open line of communication, so your customers feel comfortable coming to you for support and guidance. Keeping all channels, like your blog and social media, updated establishes your brand personality and consistently reminds customers that they can reach out to you.

Your content should not only keep customers excited about your brand and offering, but also continue to educate through useful content that answers customers’ questions before they even have to ask. The objective is to prove your company’s value, and that your company values their experience, at every point of engagement, cultivating a relationship so delightful that they have to tell their colleagues about you.

Some inbound marketing tactics for delighting clients include:

  • Engaging with your audience on social media to humanize your brand and develop your brand’s voice
  • Consistently updating your blog with helpful, interesting, and shareable information
  • Hosting webinars to educate your customers, speak directly to your buyer persona, and show off your expertise
  • Post incentivized promotions throughout your channels to increase visibility, reach, and redemption rates

Delight at every stage

From lead to prospect to customer to repeat customer, delighting your buyers at every step of their journey increases the trust, and value, in each relationship. As buyers become decreasingly receptive to the hard sell and increasingly demand connection on a more human level, sellers are required to develop more buyer-centric strategies.

Go beyond merely delivering on the promises you made before the sell. Excite your buyers and give them a reason to advocate for your brand, fueling the new buyer’s journey and continuing the return received from investing in your customers.

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