How to Hire and Build a High-Performance SDR Team

Discover how an effective SDR team can help you set more appointments, generate interest, and give your sales reps more time to close deals.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Determining team structure
  • Identifying ideal candidates
  • Recruiting & hiring strategies
  • Effective onboarding & training
  • Continuous improvement

Discover what it takes to build a high-performing SDR team

Identify & hire
ideal candidates

Learn strategies to gauge if candidates have the skills needed for the SDR role.

Effective onboarding
& training

Know how to set expectations for your new hires to learn your day-to-day process.

Facilitate continuous improvement

Discover methods that refine your SDR’s skillset and offer career growth.

Need help with appointment setting?

Our experienced SDRs are ready to deliver qualified leads for your sales team through cold calling and lead follow-up.

Contact us to learn how to get a complete sales development department at a fraction of the cost of an internal team.

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