The EBQ approach to pipeline growth

Assisting through any step of the buyer's journey

Suspect discovery

Whether you’re creating a new B2B database or polishing the one you have, we clean and expand your prospect list, giving you accurate and targeted information.

Prospect qualification

We drive more marketing-qualified leads to your pipeline through the use of marketing collateral, social media management, email marketing, and trade show marketing.

Opportunity creation

We cold call target accounts, qualify marketing leads, and nurture prospective buyers to provide your sales team with more meetings and detailed reports.

Closed deals

Our quota-driven sales teams quickly get up to speed on your product and sales goals, using proven best practices to grow your pipeline and close deals.

Onboard customers

We enable your customers to get the most out of your service, assisting through the processes of onboarding, implementation, and learning your product.

Retain revenue

Our professional representatives provide inbound support to address customer concerns as well as outbound customer care to keep clients informed and confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a contract with EBQ work?

Our contracts for each service have no setup fee, no termination fee, and are month to month. At any point in the relationship, you can adjust the team size or cancel the relationship without penalty.

How long until work begins after I sign my contract?

Our Specialists are working on your behalf, one week after the kickoff of the project. Throughout the relationship you can continually grow the team or shrink the team to meet your real-time needs.

Do EBQ Appointment Setting Specialists use calling scripts?

Since our Specialists only work for 2 projects, we don’t need to use scripts. They are salaried employees with paid benefits who are capable of gaining a solid foundation in your product and learning key differentiators that can be leveraged to close on meetings and deals. This also allows us to develop discovery questions to gain insight into each account we touch.

How are Appointment Setting results measured and reported?

If you utilize Salesforce, we will record all insights gained from accounts we touch in your Salesforce. We will also build a total visibility dashboard in Salesforce, wherein we build 12 standard reports that track our influence on the complete sales cycle. The remaining 8 reports available within the dashboard can be built to meet your specific needs and are built by our team at no additional cost.

What if I don’t use Salesforce?

If you don’t have Salesforce, we will provide all our insight gained through real-time visibility in Google Sheets, as well as a weekly report provided by your management team.

What makes EBQ different?

At EBQ, we have expertise in every step of the sales cycle, not just one small piece. This means, compared to our competitors, we have a deeper understanding of how each piece relies on the others and what areas your company might need to strengthen.

Our department structure, with built-in management tiers for each project, sets us apart from generic call centers by allowing us to align with your strategy and work as efficiently as possible.

EBQ also provides meaningful market insight and substantial day-to-day reporting to give context to our efforts and results and allow you to pick up where we left off should you ever leave us.

Helping thousands of companies achieve their sales and marketing goals.

What our customers think about us

“I really enjoyed the simplicity of EBQ’s services and the ‘you get what you see’ aspect of its model. It made it easy to plan and engage with EBQ.”

Skip LinebergSenior Marketing Manager at Frontier Communications

“We terminated our contract with EBQ for the first time, believing we had mastered the EBQ technique, it seemed easy to replicate. We quickly learned that EBQ made it look easy. Shortly after we returned to EBQ, knowing the results and methods were worth it.”

Nick PalmbyCTO/COO at ClaimTECH

“As our lead generation team, EBQ represents the voice of our company. I maintain the same expectations for them, with regards to work ethics, integrity, and professionalism, as I do for our direct employees.”

Brian FinnertyVP of Marketing at InnerWorkings

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