Wellview + EBQ

EBQ partnered with Wellview to completely build out their current marketing platform.



01 Marketing Automation
02 Content Marketing
03 Digital Marketing
04 Visual Design
05 Web Development
06 Sales Development

About Wellview

Wellview is a Nashville-based digital health engagement and population care company founded in 2013. They challenge the industry standard with a mission to simplify the way people access and engage with healthcare services by inspiring, empowering, and impacting lives.

The Challenge

While Wellview did have a marketing powerhouse of their own, they knew having one individual for all things marketing wasn’t going to allow them to scale, expand leads, or further their goals. So Wellview sought out EBQ for on-demand marketing expertise in a fractional capacity as hiring all the necessary roles in-house simply wasn’t possible.

The Solution

Wellview’s leaders realized they could expand their leads using an outsourced marketing arm. Having no established marketing team of their own, Wellview sought to fill gaps in their organization by leveraging the skills and expertise of EBQ’s marketing team with month-to-month contracts, HubSpot expertise, and turnkey marketing team being key factors.

Web Development + Blog Content

With web development and visual design assistance from EBQ, Wellview’s About page was completely redesigned and a B2B Resource Hub was built out to house employer and business-related population healthcare content crafted by EBQ’s content and visual teams in the form of monthly microblogs detailing relevant topics in the population healthcare space.

This was an entirely new form of content for Wellview, and helps to position them as a thought leader in the population healthcare space. EBQ also designed.

Monthly Newsletters + Email Campaigns

EBQ helped Wellview with email automation of their marketing campaigns as well as with all associated content and visuals.

EBQ’s visual designers created branded email templates and graphics, and worked with EBQ’s content specialists in crafting monthly newsletters highlighting Wellview’s offerings, blog content (also created by EBQ), events and webinars, awards and accolades, and created automated engagement programs that send specific emails to specific prospects. 

Google Ads Strategy

EBQ also recently implemented a Google Ads Strategy and created targeted ad groups around specific facets of their business (Health, Wellness, Digital, Mental Health, Engagement, Corporate) to draw in further interest and prospective partnership opportunities from organizations looking to improve their population health management.

The Result

Wellview now has a regular content cadence with monthly newsletters and email campaigns in addition to blog content housed in a B2B Resource Hub built out by EBQ’s web development team that will be used to inform and strengthen SEO and SEM strategy.

The partnership between Wellview and EBQ has also resulted in their first dependable pipeline, with most sales (~80%) coming from EBQ-generated leads. The engine made it possible for Wellview to narrow down their lead generation focus, allowing them to easily shift their energy to other pressing company needs. 



For a company that doesn’t have the time, the wherewithal, I think this is a fantastic alternative to going out and hiring your own team” said Greg Nash, Chief Growth Officer at Wellview.

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