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EBQ’s marketing and web development expertise helped Enflux to completely build out their current marketing platform.

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About Enflux

Enflux is a San Antonio-based technology startup that effectively utilizes data for measuring, evaluating, and improving academic performance. They empower educators to make better decisions for student success by providing the right insights to the right educator at the right time.

The Challenge

Enflux knew their organization wasn’t big enough where they could create and scale in-house sales and marketing teams to further their goals. Having enlisted vendors in the past who proved to be inconsistent or unresponsive, they felt the partnership with EBQ sounded too good to be true and made clear that they were seeking a partner, not just a vendor. Enflux sought out EBQ because we could provide on-demand marketing expertise in a fractional capacity where hiring all the necessary roles in-house just wasn’t possible.

The Solution

Enflux enlisted the help of EBQ’s content and digital marketing, visual design and web development. With weekly project team check-ins and bi-weekly check-ins with our account team, EBQ and Enflux were able to collaborate as partners, identify and address areas for improvement in both camps. They also found immense value in EBQ’s modular approach and ability to quickly scale up or down in certain areas depending on their needs with very little notice.

Web Design and Development

EBQ’s web development was also tasked with further developing Enflux’s website, with an increased focus on user experience and user interface design (UX/UI), executed consistently according to pre-existing branding guidelines. EBQ’s web development also implemented a gated content strategy across Enflux’s key assets to create an additional avenue for lead generation.

SEO Strategy

EBQ has been able to drastically increase organic traffic to Enflux’s website since implementing a robust SEO strategy. Starting more or less from scratch, EBQ conducted keyword research and optimized Enflux’s website that led to  a 51.5% increase in users, 49.4% increase in sessions with a bounce rate down 1.1 %. EBQ’s SEO work also resulted in an organic search rate of 39.1% for Enflux – well above the industry average of 16%.


EBQ was responsible for the creation of consistently branded, visually impactful one-pagers, case studies conducted with higher education institutions, and infographics. This collateral was disseminated through email campaigns, webinars, and used as gated content to acquire leads and present Enflux as an eminent organization in their industry.

Email Campaigns

EBQ helped Enflux with email automation of their marketing campaigns as well as with all associated content and visuals.

EBQ’s marketers scheduled registration reminder emails for upcoming webinars, created monthly newsletters, and created automated engagement programs that send specific emails to specific prospects for more segmented, targeted engagement efforts. Since working with EBQ, clicks, interactions, and open rates for Enflux emails have all increased considerably.

Social Media + Branded Campaigns

EBQ reinforced the direction of Enflux’s social media strategy, positioning them as a thought leader in the higher edtech space with a regular posting cadence complete with consistently branded visuals for both Enflux’s main social media channel and their educational podcast endeavor, EdLuminaries, which now boasts 14 episodes.

EBQ also created additional graphics and designed presentations for webinars, investor decks, and other assets as necessary.

The Result

Ten months into their partnership with EBQ, Enflux now has a specialized, modular marketing team responsible for a social media presence Enflux has never had before with tens of thousands of social media impressions.

Their website is SEO-optimized, they now have scaleable nurture campaigns, a built out monthly newsletter, and together we have created more content in any given month of 2021 than Enflux had done alone in any previous six-month period. EBQ was at the heart of building out Enflux’s now far more robust marketing platform and its resulting successes – they even went so far to recommend us to four other companies.



We started getting to the next level when we treated you as our partner, not just someone we throw a job to over the fence. I see you as a part of my team – not a vendor.” said Hi Leva, Chief Revenue Officer at Enflux.

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