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EBQ’s Pardot & web development expertise helps Copado run 3x more campaigns.

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01 Digital Design/Pardot Administration
02 Web Development
03 Visual Design Support

About Copado

Copado is an end-to-end DevOps and Testing platform for Salesforce that unites Admins, Architects and Developers. With 400+ employees worldwide, Copado attracts leaders who face the unique challenge of applying CI/CD DevOps to SalesForce.

The Challenge

As a young company entering a new stage of growth, Copado did not have a full in-house marketing operations team to execute the go-to-market initiatives they had planned. The organization needed someone with website development expertise, along with a Pardot administrator to help them build email campaigns and landing pages.

The Solution

Copado hired EBQ to help with web development and Pardot email automation administration. EBQ’s Web Development Specialist worked with Copado’s in-house visual designer to execute the design & development. Later, Copado added digital services to help manage Uberflip, their content management system which allows Copado to reach prospects and current viewers, and visual services to design graphics and emails.

Website Development

* Copado’s old website

New Opportunities

Context for Visitors

The homepage should be a hub of information that educates visitors about who Copado is and what they offer. EBQ collaborated with Copado to add additional context to help the audience understand Copado’s offerings.

Flow of Information

The structure of each webpage should help visitors digest the content from the top to the bottom. We advised on reorganizing the information for better readability.

➌ Strong Calls-to-Action
EBQ’s marketers added more CTAs to encourage visitors to take action and drive more marketing leads.

Visual Graphics

EBQ visual specialists helped Copado establish a consistent brand identity through various graphics such as webinar tiles, blog headers, and occasional digital advertisements.

EBQ helped to streamline and unify Copado’s visual collateral, ensuring that it appears consistent and aesthetically pleasing for all prospects.

Email Campaigns

EBQ helped Copado with many email automation aspects of their marketing campaigns. For example, EBQ’s marketers scheduled registration reminder emails for upcoming webinars, creating automated engagement programs that send specific emails to the right prospects.

EBQ’s visual department also created branded email templates and banner images to ensure consistent visual branding across all emails. Finally, Copado and EBQ collaborated to successfully integrate third-party platforms and execute their campaigns.

The Result

Copado launched their new redesigned website and successfully executed Pardot email marketing campaigns for their upcoming events and webinars.

As Copado continues to grow, they foresee a consistent relationship with EBQ and will continue to utilize all services, including web development, digital, and visual. We are proud to help Copado streamline and unify their digital marketing services!


EBQ allowed us to run 3x the number of Pardot campaigns we would have been able to otherwise. Their knowledge of Salesforce and help with integrating it with Pardot has been key,” said Cameron Tyler, Senior Marketing Manager at Copado.

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