Sales and Marketing Solutions that Drive Success

Building and managing a comprehensive sales process takes time, a resource that is in short supply for most companies. This is where EBQ can help. Our services are designed to work in harmony with one another as a complete sales and marketing infrastructure or as individual departments if your company simply needs to fill in gaps.

Our goal is to make sure you exceed yours.

Powered Marketing Automation

We can provide the data that defines your target market, design the marketing content that engages your audience along with a Pardot powered marketing automation structure to track its effectiveness, implement innovative lead generation tactics to connect with your potential prospects, build a sales process in order to nurture relationships & close deals, and provide a customer service structure that ensures you retain and optimize existing clients.

Not Just a Vendor. A Partner.

Anyone working in sales or marketing knows that the sales process is an all-encompassing methodology that starts long before the first touch point and does not end once the prospect becomes a customer. At EBQ, we’ve developed sales and marketing solutions centered around this idea.

Rather than simply providing “outsourced” demand generation services, we’ve cultivated a professional environment in which we collaborate with clients to address gaps in their overall sales process and work to identify potential customers and generate revenue growth.

EBQ’s efforts have helped dozens of companies…

in successfully navigating liquidity events and our client list has grown by more than 400% in the last two years. Companies that stay with us for over a year see, on average, an ROI of over 200%.

The Department Experience


Serves as your account manager, offers best practice support and guides the overall vision of your project.


Provides and manages the specific tools, training, and strategic day-to-day processes that make your project succeed.


The tactical, daily resources working hand-in-hand with their specialized manager to execute on your company’s behalf.


All of EBQ’s services are delivered via a trained, knowledgeable “department” of professionals, including a Success Manager, a Project Manager, and Specialists who work daily on your company’s behalf. This structure provides our clients the flexibility to change services and/or the size of the relationship at any time based on their needs, as well as added security against turnover or use of internal resources.