The EBQ Business Model, Interview with EBQ Chief Revenue Officer John McLellan

The EBQ Business Model has proven results

Listen. C-level leaders, VPs, and salespeople tend to do most of the talking. You can learn a lot more about a situation and the motivations of people if you just don’t talk. So what should everyone do? Stop talking and listen.


– John McLellan, Chief Revenue Officer, EBQuickstart

Where did the idea for EBQ come from?

Tim Edwards started FirstRev in 2005, building sales, marketing, and go-to-market plans primarily for overseas technology companies wanting to expand into North America. As it turned out, planning was not the issue — it was the execution of the plan. Hence, EBQ was started solely for the execution of sales plans.

What is EBQ’s business model?

We take a product or service and develop or refine its messaging based on the outcome of the project kickoff information presented to the EBQ Village. We then test that messaging to see what the market’s telling us. We have weekly continuous improvement (CIM) calls with the customer to discuss our findings, and then we adjust the messaging for another week of dialing.

What does your typical day look like?

EBQ is a well-oiled machine. We discuss strategy and tactics with our prospects and customers. We have been in business for seven years and have built processes based on best practices that work for most products and services we take on. All companies have their issues. After we’ve dialed, emailed, and nurtured a decent database for a few weeks, we can typically see where the cracks are in the organizations we service and offer additional services to fill those gaps.

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