Customer Service

Ensure your customers are taken care of, so you can stay focused on bringing in new ones.

Outsourced Customer Center Solutions

Retaining existing customers costs you less than bringing on new ones, but many companies make the mistake of prioritizing their sales efforts over supporting the customers they have.

We treat this problem by supplying Customer Service Specialists who can provide Tier I and II customer support, based exclusively in the United States.

Retain clients with ongoing support

We believe delighting customers is a key part of the buyer’s journey. Happy clients not only stick with your company, but great customer support can persuade them to be advocates for your brand.

Your EBQ Specialists keep customers happy and informed, addressing concerns, delivering renewal reminders, and supplying information about additional products or services.

We offer a complete department

With EBQ, you’re not just hiring a single customer service rep. You’re getting an entire customer service department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

For each project, we provide: a Success Manager to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, and one or more Customer Service Specialists answering your customers’ questions and concerns.

Helping thousands of companies achieve their sales and marketing goals.

What our customers think about us

“I really enjoyed the simplicity of EBQ’s services and the ‘you get what you see’ aspect of its model. It made it easy to plan and engage with EBQ.”

Skip LinebergSenior Marketing Manager at Frontier Communications

“We terminated our contract with EBQ for the first time, believing we had mastered the EBQ technique, it seemed easy to replicate. We quickly learned that EBQ made it look easy. Shortly after we returned to EBQ, knowing the results and methods were worth it.”

Nick PalmbyCTO/COO at ClaimTECH

“As our lead generation team, EBQ represents the voice of our company. I maintain the same expectations for them, with regards to work ethics, integrity, and professionalism, as I do for our direct employees.”

Brian FinnertyVP of Marketing at InnerWorkings

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