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SynaptiCore + EBQ

EBQ Appointment Setting increased exposure for SynaptiCore, successfully positioning them in front of their desired target market.


When SynaptiCore first approached EBQ, their primary challenge was a lack of resources. For four and a half years, Business Development & Sales Director Scott Collins had been the sole sales representative for the company. And in addition to focusing on generating new interest and leads through cold calling, Scott was also responsible for closing deals and providing customer service. He recognized the need and value of bringing on an outsourced lead generation vendor.

EBQ was actually SynaptiCore’s second attempt at outsourcing lead generation. The first was, in Scott’s words, “a horrible experience.” SynaptiCore’s offering centers on healthcare IT solutions. As such, engaging in knowledgeable conversations with potential prospects required a level of technical expertise that the previous vendor simply could not provide. While it was true that SynaptiCore was in desperate need of a staff of professionals constantly on the phones, they also needed those assets to be able to capably introduce the company and its services.

The Solution​ : Lead Generation Department at EBQ

The necessity to have tech-savvy individuals representing them in their outbound calling efforts is a large part of the reason SynaptiCore ultimately chose EBQ’s Lead Generation Department. Additionally, the built-in management layer that EBQ’s structure boasts was equally important in the decision.

Prior to signing with EBQ, an outsourced lead generation provider, SynaptiCore had been mulling possibly hiring an additional full-time sales rep to focus exclusively on outbound campaigns. EBQ’s department with its autonomous structure and transparent operating procedures, offered a perfect medium.

SynaptiCore could rely on EBQ to not only manage themselves day-to-day, but also work closely with their internal staff to align messaging and function as an extension of existing efforts.

The Results

EBQ’s highly trained and technically proficient specialists were able to set qualified, valuable meetings with C-level executives at massive healthcare organizations. As a result of the relationship with EBQ, SynaptiCore was able to expand their existing presence within mass market hospitals. The increased exposure and traction led to relationships SynaptiCore had been struggling to build on their own.

Additionally, EBQ allowed SynaptiCore to constantly re-think and re-shape their tactics based on real time feedback. Alleviating the stresses of multiple sales responsibilites on a single person opened up opportunities for SynaptiCore to refine their processes and sharpen their message.

When it comes to EBQ, the thing I liked most was the honesty. I really felt like we were in it together. Everything was transparent. No hidden agenda. It was all laid out on the table.


SynaptiCore + EBQ

EBQ Appointment Setting increased exposure for SynaptiCore, successfully positioning them in front of their desired target market.

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