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Sonus + EBQ

EBQ seamlessly aligned their messaging and drove results that resulted in an ROI of over 200%.


In the Spring of 2012, Sonus was working to create a demand generation engine in order to drive more traffic through their website and, ideally, produce more leads. This effort included sponsoring industry events, facilitating webinars and initiating a massive outreach campaign. From there, they planned for Sonus sales reps to follow up on targeted prospects who showed interest. With a typically long sales cycle, Sonus hoped to keep their pipeline consistently filled with qualified opportunities.

However, the response proved so large that the reps could not balance their responsibilities to existing customers, not to mention their own prospecting, with the deluge of incoming potential business. Sonus was in search of a way to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, to maximize both the marketing spend and the sales reps’ limited time.

The Solution​ : Lead Generation Department at EBQ

EBQ’s Lead Generation Department was able to focus their efforts on incoming prospects resulting from Sonus’ outbound marketing, sort through and eliminate the outdated or incorrect data, and set valuable, qualified meetings. This saved the Sonus team an incalculable amount of time and allowed them to zero in on closing deals. Additionally, the flexibility of EBQ’s department structure allowed Sonus to scale the project up or down depending on the size or urgency of any given campaign, complimenting their marketing push as efficiently as possible.

Being that the project was a direct response to Sonus’ own outreach campaigns, it was imperative that EBQ’s efforts be indistinguishable from that of Sonus’ marketing materials and messaging. EBQ accomplished this through extensive education on the Sonus product & related industries as well as by generating email content that matched that of Sonus’ own internal collateral. As a result, EBQ helped Sonus achieve their goals without compromising existing business operations.

The Results

Consistent with the EBQ average, the Sonus project achieved an ROI of well over 200% within the first year of the relationship. And while the project began as a targeted effort to follow up on Sonus’ marketing campaigns, it ultimately evolved into a wider scope wherein EBQ cold called prospects and identified entirely new opportunities.

Moreover, the EBQ partnership served as something of a pilot program for Sonus to determine the viability of utilizing third party lead generation on an ongoing basis. Sonus’ experience was so positive that third party lead generation was implemented internationally in 2013, while EBQ continued to support the domestic market. Sonus further required that certain key EBQ processes be followed by all partners and holds EBQ as the benchmark by which all other global lead gen providers were to be judged.

EBQ Helps Sonus Identify Valuable Opportunities

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Sonus + EBQ

EBQ seamlessly aligned their messaging and contribute towards an ROI of over 200%.

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