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After multiple negative experiences with outsourced teams, Solid Border found compatibility with an EBQ Appointment Setting Department that built them a pipeline worth nearly $660,000.

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$660K in pipeline

$300K in new business

About SolidBorder

Since 2002, Solid Border has been bringing efficient & reliable network security products to a broad range of customers. Ever-changing technology means resellers who bury their engineers’ voices under layers of bureaucracy can no longer be relied upon. The products offered by Solid Border have been hand-selected by their engineers because they actually make life easier. From start to finish, Solid Border is there to help customers build a safe and secure network so they can get down to business.

Industry: Network Security

Location: Austin, TX

Solution: Appointment Setting


When it comes to sales and lead generation, there is often a tradeoff between the ‘perfect science’ of modern sales and old school salesmanship. It seems like you can only have one or the other. But with EBQ, you don’t have to make that choice. They strike the balance perfectly.

Derek del BarrioPresident at SolidBorder

The Challenge

Solid Border had already logged numerous attempts at outsourcing their lead generation efforts when they first met with EBQ. The company had been in business for well over 8 years at that point, and had firmly established their sales process. Yet, as President Derek del Barrio recalls, “lead gen was still our weakest area.” What Solid Border needed was a robust outbound strategy centered around building a database and pursuing new opportunities in order to establish a long-term sales pipeline. But first there would be history to contend with…

Over the years, Solid Border was granted access to several third-party outsourced lead generation firms through relationships with their manufacturing partners. “Because we were referred by our manufacturers,” said Mr. del Barrio, “there was no cost to use any of them. In that sense, they were free. But it ultimately cost us a lot of lost time.” This loss of time was at least in part due to a disconnect between what Solid Border was looking to accomplish and how these providers went about achieving that end. “They were too focused on email marketing,” Mr. del Barrio continued. “And when they would get a prospect on the phone, it was like there wasn’t a real person on the line representing us. They were very robotic, and that obviously yielded very poor results.”

The Solution: Lead Generation Department at EBQ

So how would EBQ overcome such bad experiences? Simple: a cold call. “EBQ called me out of the blue, and that usually doesn’t work on me.” said Mr. del Barrio. “But, it was a friendly voice, they said the right things and I agreed to a meeting.” That first meeting led to an initial 3-month lead gen trial run with a goal of rapidly building Solid Border’s sales pipeline.

Mr. del Barrio was almost immediately struck by the fully formed process EBQ brought to the project. “There were no clerical worries, and that’s huge. Nothing fell through the cracks.” he said. The EBQ team featured its own built-in management structure, was able to continually refine their messaging on the fly without using scripts, and even worked directly out of Solid Border’s Salesforce instance, cleaning up and organizing their universe throughout all efforts. EBQ effectively became a direct extension of Solid Border’s sales department, erasing the bad memories of past lead gen misadventures.

The Results

The 3-month trial was only the beginning. Within two years, EBQ built a sales pipeline worth $659,937 and Solid Border closed $302,374 in new business, directly resulting from brand new opportunities generated by EBQ. The success of the project can ultimately be attributed to EBQ’s committment to process. As with all client projects, the EBQ team had collaborated with Solid Border to fully educate themselves on the value proposition, giving the client the flexibility to scale the campaign up or down without losing a single second of momentum.

The consistency of service even extended to the tangible results as Solid Border saw a steady, dependable pipeline develop from EBQ’s efforts. Gone was the unreliable ebb and flow of years past. Mr. del Barrio ultimately credits all of this to EBQ’s ability to see the big picture. “When it comes to sales and lead generation, there is often a tradeoff between the ‘perfect science’ of modern sales and old school salesmanship, between having a solid process in place and having people capable of human interaction,” he explained. “It seems like you can only have one or the other. But with EBQ, you don’t have to make that choice. They strike the balance perfectly.”

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