OKI DATA Case Study


EBQ learned OKI Data’s new product within two weeks, enabled over 600 new partners, and helped build a multi-million dollar pipeline.


OKI Data, a leading manufacturer of print & imaging devices and customized document management solutions had just introduced a turnkey, managed print services platform (TMP) to equip their MSP Channel partners with the systems, tools and products to expand their business to include Managed Print Services. The program was extremely successful resulting in an overwhelming amount of channel partners seeking to become authorized and trained on the Platform in a limited amount of time.

With a limited number of internal resources available to facilitate the on-boarding process, the need arose for OKI to rapidly identify a temporary resource pool that could quickly help manage the onboarding process. Otherwise, they risked losing new partner opportunities.

The Solution​ : Training Department at EBQ

OKI immediately selected EBQ out of six candidates vying for the opportunity. EBQ’s technology acumen, resource scalability and project flexibility allowed them to get started right away. In just two short weeks, EBQ was fully trained on the TMP platform and was then able to streamline the current on-boarding methodology and implement a new, accelerated process that increased the effectiveness of partner training while dramatically reducing the time required to get a partner fully functional.

Beyond the on-boarding process, EBQ demonstrated incredible versatility by providing additional support and assisting OKI’s new partners with the initial assessments of their customers’ networks, a critical front-end process for enabling the management of the customer’s fleets. Once the backlog of new partners recruits were addressed, a consistent on-boarding run rate was established and maintained on a monthly basis, ensuring that all partner needs were handled in a professional and expedient fashion.


EBQ was able to seamlessly integrate their resources and support into the OKI on-boarding process and TMP platform, acting as proficient SME (subject matter experts) and dramatically reducing the learning curve for new MPS partners.

They were the critical element in enabling the onboarding of more than 600 New MSP partners, helping to establish a multi-million dollar revenue pipeline for OKI.

I've worked with a lot of sourced vendor support over the years, and I can readily say that EBQ has earned my professional respect for their extensive capabilities and business acumen as well as my personal trust and confidence that OKI's business was in good hands and being cared for as if it was their own.



EBQ learned OKI Data’s new product within two weeks, enabled over 600 new partners, and helped build a multi-million dollar pipeline.

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