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Methodics + EBQ

EBQ Data and Appointment Setting helped Methodics find contact information and set appointments with decision makers.


Methodics has a very long, involved, and complicated sales process. Typically, Methodics engages with the customer for an evaluation. These evaluations can be as quick as a couple of weeks, or months, if not a year plus in some cases. The type of business Methodics does require the Methodics’ team to integrate with the clients engineering systems. There are a lot of variables that Methodics does not have total control of.

When Methodics is dealing with an account, the Sales Team’s time is spent with the client that is not related directly to the sales cycle. There are only two team members worldwide that are involved in the sales cycle, with distributors elsewhere. Methodics’ team still needs to cold call and prospect, due to the long sales cycle, the Methodics team does not have a lot of time left over to do that.

Finding time during the day to pick up the phone and call companies to try and get all the information needed, is a very time-consuming process. Since Methodics Sales Team is focused on these ongoing sales opportunities, Methodics needed help with picking up the phone and making phone calls and being persistent; it was tough to fill the top of the pipeline.

The Solution​ : Lead Generation Department at EBQ

Jerry Brocklehurst, an EVP of Sales and Marketing for Methodics had used EBQ in 2013 with a different company. Jerry thought EBQ would be a good fit for Methodics because Methodics was already using SFDC and had active lead lists to call. Jerry reached out to EBQ because Methodics needed assistance building out additional calling lists along with implementing the calls.

Methodics brought EBQ on board to handle the “filling of the top of the pipeline” and to get new opportunities in the door. It is not just making the phone calls and finding the right people it is having that initial conversation. When Methodics does engage with the customer, they are already qualified.

That said: EBQ not only fills the funnel with people who have already been approached but EBQ fills the funnel with people that are worth talking to, the targeted clients, with the problem Methodics can solve. EBQ relieves Methodics of the stress of making or vetting calls and by screening out the people that Methodics does not need to talk to.

The Results

“Working with EBQ everybody is exceptionally professional, and the EBQ team keeps a certain amount of professionalism involved with all initial engagements, and I’ve never had any concerns about it. Methodics is on track.” Michael Munsey VP of Sales. Methodics has had three consecutive years of growth in revenue that EBQ is responsible for.

EBQ did the legwork and was able to connect with prospects, making sure that the meetings were set-up with the right people and that the proper objectives were in place before Methodics talks to them for the first time. EBQ provides quality Data reporting. For example keeping track of the number of people whom EBQ has called, and updating Methodics’ Salesforce with the most up-to-date information.

Methodics gave EBQ names of prospective clients, and EBQ would go through and find out how to contact the people that Methodics wanted to get a hold of. EBQ did this by researching and locating their contact information. It was substantial time savings for Methodics. Methodics no longer had to do the legwork that needed to go into starting a campaign from scratch.

The most critical aspect of Methodics’ relationship with EBQ is getting qualified leads into the funnel. Methodics received qualified leads and databases updates without the Methodics Team having to make the tedious effort oriented work of updating the internal databases.

“Every Monday I look at my weekly to-do list, I have my usual meetings that I do with my ongoing sales opportunities, but there’s always a couple of new opportunities for me to engage with on a weekly basis.” Michael Munsey VP of Sales said. Michael continued to say, “Sometimes it’s two or three or four meetings a week. The fact that I can’t go about doing my job of closing deals for my company while at the same time setting up new potential clients without EBQ. I don’t have to take away time from closing deals to be able to get those new prospects moving forward.”

I don’t have to take away time from closing deals to be able to get those new prospects moving forward.

Michael Munsey VP of Sales at Methodics

Methodics + EBQ

EBQ Data and Appointment Setting helped Methodics find contact information and set appointments with decision makers.