LocknCharge defined their long-term lead generation strategy and added nearly $1 million to their pipeline with the help of an EBQ Appointment Setting Department.

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52% ROI

$1M in new pipeline

500+ leads from tech events

About LocknCharge

Fifteen years ago, PC Locs (The LocknCharge localized brand name for Australia) began operating out of a backyard shed – at the home of Mr. Paul Symons, now co-owner, director and product designer for the global company. Paul was a school teacher who identified a need in the market after seeing hundreds of computers being stolen on a weekly basis within his hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

Paul designed and developed a solution for securing desktop computers, which went on to have a radical impact on reducing computer theft throughout Australia. In 2001, Paul was approached to develop a solution to store, charge, secure and transport laptop computers in schools. This led to a decade of product development, and the distribution of innovatively designed carts for managing technology in Australian Schools.

Industry: Hardware

Location: Madison, WI

Solution: Appointment Setting


EBQ put in the time needed to learn our product and how we sell it. I really feel like they truly care about what they do.

Steve LedbetterPresident, US Business Unit at LocknCharge

The Challenge

As of 2014, LocknCharge had been conducting business in the United States for only 4 years when Steve Ledbetter took over his post as President of the company’s US Business Unit. Among the many new initiatives on his road map was implementing a lead generation program. At the time, the US unit had no lead generation strategy in place and Steve sought to bring on a scalable, cost-effective, outsourced team. And while he had experience with various call centers, all had been based overseas and tended to require a large committment. Steve was adamant about using a small group of specialists, based specifically in the US, to conduct a lead generation test run.

Aside from the goal of simply establishing a lead generation process, Steve also saw a particular issue that desperately needed addressing. One pillar of the LocknCharge marketing strategy involved attending or exhibiting at numerous tradeshows and tech events. These would routinely produce in excess of 500 warm leads, and the internal sales team simply did not have the time to follow-up with them in a prompt manner. “Sometimes it would take more than a month for our team to get to some of these marketing leads,” Mr. Ledbetter explained, “and that felt like we were just throwing away opportunities. We had to fix it fast.”

The Solution: Lead Generation Department at EBQ

Mr. Ledbetter chose EBQ based on several factors including our use of Salesforce as a standardized CRM platform, our already proven, streamlined and efficient processes, and the fact that we are a Pardot Select Partner. Marketing automation was another item on the LocknCharge checklist and ultimately EBQ would serve as their Pardot implementation partner when the time came. However, at first the goal was to simply establish a lead generation baseline.

Seeing as LocknCharge’s US unit had never featured a lead generation component, the endeavor would essentially function as a proof of concept; a way of establishing a baseline without compromising company resources, before deploying the effort internally.

The Results

Not only did this lead generation pilot help LocknCharge establish a reliable long-term strategy, but marketing leads stopped falling through the cracks, yielding incredible monetary results. EBQ’s efforts directly generated $77,000 in new revenue – an ROI of 52% – with another $987,310 worth of deals waiting in the pipeline. Mr. Ledbetter credits this success not just to the ample quantity of calls the EBQ team was able to consistently make, but also the quality of those interactions. “EBQ put in the time needed to learn our product and how we sell it,” he explained. “EBQ held weekly continuous improvement meetings (CIMs) with us every step of the way which allowed us to re-calibrate and tweak the process based on specific market conditions or situations. I really feel like they truly care about what they do.”

Ultimately, the LocknCharge project was an experiment of sorts. They would eventually take the insight gained during their time with EBQ and use it to build an internal lead generation team that could be re-assigned to other more granular tasks as the business’ needs changed. But Mr. Ledbetter stresses the fact that, without EBQ, this test run would have been far more costly and detrimental to their operation. “EBQ allowed us to intelligently choose how to proceed in terms of our lead generation plans,” he said. “Without them, it would have been a much longer, painful process.”

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