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Good Shepherd Center + EBQ

EBQ helps Good Shepherd Center seamlessly migrate to Salesforce from a legacy platform.


Good Shepherd Center is a small nonprofit that obtains funding primarily from local individuals, businesses, and foundations. With support coming from so many sources, GSC needed an efficient way to organize and utilize its donors and donations.

But when its legacy donor management platform, GiftWorks, eventually moved to the cloud, GSC experienced new difficulties using the software and a major lack of support from the provider. The organization’s daily database users, all tasked with different responsibilities, were all facing different day-to-day frustrations with their platform. The nonprofit turned to Salesforce as its new donor management solution. Migrating their database from GiftWorks, as well as learning the powerful Salesforce platform, became the next challenge to overcome.

The Solution​ : CRM Consulting at EBQ

The Salesforce Account Executive assisting Good Shepherd Center suggested EBQ as a migration and training partner. GSC partnered with EBQ to complete its switch from GiftWorks to Salesforce and to get expert platform training from certified consultants.

EBQ helped GSC migrate around 10,000 records to its new Salesforce database, enabling the nonprofit to implement a new platform without worrying about the “how.”

“I won’t even pretend to know what all EBQ had to do to get our data from GiftWorks to Salesforce. The fact that I can now turn on Salesforce and get into my database is all I care about, and it happened with relative ease,” said Senior Development Director Jane Birnbach.

The organization also enrolled in EBQ’s Salesforce training program for their users, allowing the users to engage one-on-one with their EBQ Consultant Cory. He advised them on Salesforce best practices based on the user’s specific roles.

“It’s still early in the game, but I can say we’re incredibly pleased as of now. Salesforce is a large investment, and we need our finance committee and board to buy in. We feel like we’re getting our money’s worth now,” said Birnbach. “Cory has been a Godsend. Some of us are ‘techy’ and some aren’t, but I finally feel like we’re all using a best practice type of system.”

The Results

Whether they need to send out 100 donor letters or manually enter new gifts into the database, Good Shepherd Center’s Salesforce users can quickly complete tasks and continue to the next one on their long list of responsibilities.

The accuracy of the organization’s database is integral to its success, for example, when it comes to the nonprofit's yearly financial audit–a report which demonstrates that the organization acts as “good stewards of revenue and donor support.”

Recruiting EBQ to perform the database migration and train their users on the platform allowed GSC to feel confident about maintaining the integrity of this data.

Birnbach also emphasized the importance of the donor database as “breadcrumbs” left for the people who will come into the organization after its current users. With their new Salesforce knowledge, the organization can maintain a reliable database—complete with all the activity and relationship-building that’s happened over the years.

EBQ met every expectation I had as a customer. I want to feel like I’m the only customer that matters, and that’s how we’ve been treated. They were timely with their responses, met our deadlines, and provided an overall very positive experience.


Good Shepherd + EBQ Marketing

EBQ helps Good Shepherd Center seamlessly migrate to Salesforce from a legacy platform.

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