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eMDs + EBQ

EBQ conducted a customer awareness program for e-MDs, successfully contacting over 1,300 clients.


Electronic health records (EHR) rely on a system of codes to identify various diseases, symptoms, and circumstances known as the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems or “ICD”. The 9th revision of this system had been in use across all healthcare providers for 30 years, but beginning October 1, 2015 the entire industry would be switching over to the 10th revision or “ICD-10”. Aside from the sheer amount of time the 9th revision had been in place, the changeover to ICD-10 would be especially daunting due to the addition of roughly 55,000 new codes and sub-categories which brought the total to over five times that of ICD-9. Failure to utilize the new standard would result in an inability for clinics and hospitals to file records, which would be nothing short of catastrophic.

As a developer of an EHR solution, e-MDs knew that they would need to be proactive about ensuring users were aware of the impending shift. While recent software upgrades had included many tools to make the migration as easy as possible, e-MDs realized that many customers would require additional guidance regarding the work needed to prepare for the transition. If customers waited until the last minute it could have a significant impact on their practice revenues.

The Solution​ : Training Department at EBQ

From the start, e-MDs knew they could not simply hand this customer outreach initiative off to any internal teams as most everyone was tied up with their own responsibilities related to the ICD-10 transition. The campaign would require specialists who could intelligently assess a customer’s preparedness, clearly convey what would need to be done to accommodate ICD-10, and schedule follow-ups with e-MDs various account managers.

EBQ fulfilled all of these needs and then some. Equipped with e-MDs’ 12-item questionnaire, EBQ deployed a team of customer service experts to call into the e-MDs customer base, assess the overall level of preparation for each client, and make them aware of available ICD-10 resources. Above all, the goal was to provide each customer with a clear sense of what needed to be done, saving any headaches on either side of the switch and instilling a sense of trust in e-MDs’ ability to guide them through this massive industry sea change.


The EBQ team successfully made contact with 1,300 e-MDs clients in just 4 months. When Samuel Frank, e-MDs’ Manager of Training and Acceleration Teams, visited the EBQ offices to listen in on calls he was immediately struck by the level of professionalism on display. “I was very impressed with how EBQ handled customers and difficult questions,” remarked Mr. Frank. Even more impressive was EBQ’s ability to effortlessly integrate into e-MDs’ existing infrastructure. EBQ specialists used e-MDs email addresses and even utilized e-MDs’ ticketing system, providing a seamless experience for customers and saving account managers the hassle of having to double or triple-up on documentation.

The campaign eventually grew to four full time resources calling on e-MDs’ behalf and EBQ’s efforts are credited as being a large part of why the ICD-10 transition went so smoothly for e-MDs and their client base. Detailed notes left by EBQ specialists allowed account managers to efficiently follow-up with customers, many of whom were thrilled with e-MDs’ organized, proactive approach.

EBQ Helps eMDs Provide a Seamless Customer Experience

month-long project
clients contacted

We’d never tried an outbound effort like this, but EBQ was extremely flexible and responsive to our needs. And we’ve received tons of positive feedback from customers.


e-MDs + EBQ

EBQ conducted a customer awareness program for e-MDs, successfully contacting over 1,300 clients.

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