Columbia Insurance Group Case Study

Columbia Insurance Group + EBQ

EBQ’s on-site training enables Columbia Insurance Group to increase user adoption and productivity.

The Challenge

When Columbia Insurance Group first began using their Salesforce instance, they didn’t have an implementation partner to provide guidance on how to configure the CRM. The team responsible for implementing and maintaining their instance had little experience specific to Salesforce, so they set up the tool in a way that seemed to make sense at the time.

A significant challenge for the Columbia Insurance Group team was their workflow for receiving an application and processing it into a written policy. The company’s existing workflow for this process alone required navigating through 8 different screens to complete the process.

Although Columbia Insurance Group purchased 100 licenses, they only had 36 active monthly users—causing them to wonder if their configuration was right for their internal processes.

That’s when they set out for ways to improve their configuration and learn best practices for using the tool more effectively.

The Solution​ : CRM Consulting at EBQ

Columbia Insurance Group’s system administrator began searching Salesforce AppExchange for consultants or resources that could help them optimize their use of the instance. The company’s admin stumbled upon EBQ and, after reading through dozens of positive reviews and conferring with Salesforce support, felt encouraged to reach out about their services.

Columbia Insurance Group enrolled in EBQ’s on-site Salesforce training program, which entailed 4 days of in-person training with one of EBQ’s certified Salesforce administrators.

EBQ’s one-on-one approach to Salesforce training offered Columbia Insurance Group’s administrator and developer a much more thorough Salesforce education compared to the other resources and online modules they had been referencing previously.

EBQ’s admin began by identifying the needs of Columbia Insurance Group’s stakeholders by listening and understanding what the typical workday consisted of for the company. This allowed the EBQ team to design a solution tailored to the pain points of each department, from leadership to users at every level.

The on-site training empowered the team to discuss any questions or concerns as they came up, as well as presented the opportunity to review their current process and make changes that would benefit their company and policyholders.

The Results

With a stronger grasp of the CRM tool and with help from EBQ’s expertise, Columbia Insurance Group was able to completely uproot their “archaic” way of designing insurance policy workflows in Salesforce.

Ryan Ellis, the system administrator at Columbia Insurance Group, said that their instructor from EBQ went above and beyond to help the organization improve their Salesforce instance.

“They looked into our data models and workflows, asked questions about why things were set up the way they were, and suggested improvements for streamlining those processes,” said Ellis.

With a new custom Salesforce solution design, Columbia Insurance Group has been able to decrease time spent on policy writing processes while increasing productivity. Their new setup allows them to analyze employee productivity with quantitative metrics, replacing their previous qualitative system.

EBQ’s training program enabled them to redesign their workflows in a way that encompasses all the nuances and steps it takes to turn a new application into a written policy, all in one screen. It also set them on track toward designing their data models and automating processes more efficiently in the future, as well as earning the support of all internal stakeholders for adopting Salesforce throughout the organization.

They looked into our data models and workflows, asked questions about why things were set up the way they were, and suggested improvements for streamlining those processes.


Columbia Insurance Group + EBQ

EBQ’s CRM training program empowered Columbia Insurance Group to increase productivity and decrease time spent on policy writing.

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