After being referred by one of their partner companies, Cal-Bay systems got assistance from EBQ in expanding its reach.

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About Cal-Bay Systems

Cal-Bay is a value-added provider in the test, measurement and automation industry. They invest time and resources in securing and developing the best people, processes and technology to deliver measurement solutions and ensure meaningful data to help Cal-Bay customers advance the quality of their products.

Their headquarters in the Bay Area is equipped with an electronics test lab and an industrial workshop designed for large-scale system integration projects. These facilities handle the majority of their fabrication needs.

Industry: Enterprise Test Solutions

Location: San Rafael, CA

Solution: Appointment Setting


EBQ’s hard work yielded results that, even years later, have continued to assist us in building our pipeline and increasing exposure.

Guy NunnelleeVice President at Cal-Bay Systems Inc.

The Challenge

Cal-Bay Systems became aware of EBQ’s services through a partner supplier company that had been using EBQ’s lead generation department. At the time, Cal-Bay employed no sales reps and the handful of owners and VPs within the company were acting as the inside sales team. In terms of revenue, the company could rely on a steady stream of roughly 200 deals per year. Of those, roughly two-thirds were a result of existing business, with new clients filling out the rest.

Cal-Bay’s goals were simple and clear: shift that ratio in favor of new business, expand into new regions of the United States and discover new revenue opportunities in previously un-explored industries. To accomplish this three-pronged objective, saddling their executives with multiple responsibilities would no longer suffice; they would need a new, robust outbound strategy.

The Solution: Lead Generation Department at EBQ

Off the recommendation of the aforementioned partner company, Cal-Bay elected to bring on EBQ’s lead generation services. The flexibility of EBQ’s department structure and its month-to-month contracts allowed Cal-Bay to dive in with no long-term concern and to stay nimble when any new developments forced a change in direction.

Along with this flexibility also came stability. Cal-Bay was able to work with the same lead generation specialist for the duration of their time with EBQ. As a result, they essentially gained a new employee, albeit one who actually worked for a third party provider. Having the same person continually educating themselves, while refining their pitch based on feedback from the market, meant the project was constantly moving forward. Even when management changed, the EBQ specialist remained the same, acting continuously as an extension of the company.

The Results

As intended, EBQ assisted Cal-Bay in growing its business and expanding its reach. Over time, Cal-Bay was able to bring in their own team of inside sales people. Reflecting on the relationship, Cal-Bay’s Vice President Guy Nunnellee said “EBQ gave us the top of our funnel, which we were sorely lacking before. They helped us grow a somewhat ‘ad hoc’ inside and outside sales process into that of a professional organization.”

Additionally, Mr. Nunnellee found that EBQ’s efforts had other, intangible and unexpected outcomes that continue to bear fruit to this day. “EBQ’s work,” he said “has yielded results that, even years later, have continued to assist us in building our pipeline and increasing exposure.”

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