WEBINAR  •  Thursday, December 8, 2022  •  2:00PM CST

Omni-Channel vs. Single-Channel Customer Journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

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Thomas Brinker Webinar Profile

Tom Brinker
Director of Marketing

Theresa Garlinghouse Webinar Profile

Theresa Garlinghouse
VP of Marketing

Webinar overview:

Dive into Salesforce Marketing Cloud and discover how to design the right type of journeys for your contacts.

  • Overview of Journey Builder
  • Single vs. multi-channel journeys
  • Demo of customer journey builds

What you’ll learn from our Journey Builder webinar

engaging customer journeys

Based on your marketing goals, determine which type of journey to use and its limitations.

Explore the
Journey Builder canvas

Explore the different channels you can use to enter contacts into a highly-personalized journey.

Live builds of single- & multi-channel journeys

Learn how to build both complex and simple customer journeys step-by-step with our demo.

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Marketing Cloud?

EBQ’s Digital Marketing Specialists blend industry best practices with your business needs to ensure you’re implementing Journey Builder successfully at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. 

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