Telemarketing in Technology with EBQ

Telemarketing technology with EBQ is more than your typical telemarketers making cold calls and using scripts when they reach potential customers. These scripts sound rehearsed and the calls are impersonal and rigid. The prospect voices objections and each objection is met with another canned speech. The prospect simply wants to get off the phone.

EBQ Telemarketing  B2B

The technology space is complex. Businesses are selling big-ticket items to senior level prospects. These prospects have high expectations and expect dynamic, intelligent conversations and meaningful interactions with sales representatives. Tight scripts and canned responses don’t work.

Many clients come to EBQuickstart for outsourced sales assistance after learning the hard way that the call center approach does not work. We don’t use scripts. Instead, we train value selling. We train our sales reps on the products of our companies as solutions and then talk with our prospects instead of at them. Our teams have intelligent, meaningful conversations with decision makers at the companies they are calling. They do not sell the product’s features; they sell the products by the problems they solve. These are the keys to our success in selling in the technology space.

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EBQ professional services will become experts on your product and company so that we can provide your customers with an entire team of marketing specialists to guide them through initial set-up and on-boarding or to conduct detailed training sessions. Our Marketing agency is equip for your salesforce pardot implementation, web design, graphic design, email marketing, marketing campaigns, pardot consulting services, and digital marketing needs.