Why You Should Stop Hiring SDRs (Infographic)

So you’ve developed a terrific product, hired an indomitable sales team, and have identified the need for an SDR spending all day pounding the pavement turning up opportunities for your sales team. The next step is easy, right? You hire internal sales development team and watch your sales dollars come back to you tenfold.

However, when you take a closer look at the numbers, the situation gets a bit more complex. A successful sales development department requires more than a single SDR. In order to allow your sales reps and VP of Sales to maintain their productivity, you must also hire a sales development manager to oversee the SDR’s day-to-day functions as well as a director to provide high-level oversight and direction. In this moment of clarity, you realize that you don’t just need one SDR, but an entire sales development department. When you add up the cost of these fully burdened employees, the number goes well beyond the salary of a single SDR.

EBQ SDR Infographic
Enough CFOs also did the math and realized there was a solution: outsourcing the sales development function. To help you decide whether outsourcing your sales development team is the right choice for your company, we’ve assembled all the numbers in a single infographic. Let’s compare exactly the resources needed to support one internal SDR versus what is demanded of your company for the same output from an outsourced SDR.


Interested in learning more? Download our white paper on outsourced SDR and consider reaching out to us. And in case you’re wondering, EBQ is a sales and marketing support firm based in Austin, TX. We specialize in lead generation, sales development, and marketing automation for technology companies. We’d be happy to speak with you more about whether or not outsourcing the SDR function is the right decision for your company.