Fastest to deploy, easiest to consume, most pervasive traffic intelligence & control for your network

Sinefa provides network performance solutions that allow you deep visibility to your network traffic to quickly identify and correct performance issues.  We allow you to easily shape network traffic in order to prioritize business-critical applications.

It can be deployed into any type of network with zero-configuration and can scale from the SMB to the largest of enterprises.  You can dramatically increase your network performance and reduce trouble tickets around network performance complaints by up to 90% without buying additional bandwidth.


Network Visibility

Powered by real-time network traffic intelligence, Sinefa provides enterprise-wide insights and control to help businesses drive their digital experience and transformation.

Sinefa’s cloud-native architecture enables pervasive and agnostic traffic visibility coverage of hybrid networks and clouds – legacy WANs, branch/edge, software defined, NFV, cloud, multi-cloud and multi-tenanted environments. Extreme simplicity of deployment enables fast network and traffic coverage to create a data lake which provides unprecedented, customer facing visibility.

    See traffic in 1 second granularity, 10,000+ applications, Historical reporting and weekly insights at your fingertips
    Shaping has never been easier. Application layer, scaleable, intelligent shaping policies.
Increase network performance and traffic visibility:
Real-time network traffic insights for superior network performance