Should Organizations Outsource Their Salesforce Administration?

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On-premises software has gone the way of the dinosaurs as most (73%) companies expect nearly all their software to be SaaS by 2020. SaaS solutions make up the technology backbone of modern business. Due to the way SaaS works, all SaaS products—by their nature—are outsourced solutions.

So it begs the question, “Why aren’t you outsourcing the administrative labor too?” When it comes to a Salesforce administrator, it might make more sense to outsource the labor for an outsourced platform.

Companies outsource their Salesforce Administration to reduce overhead, scale as needed, and maintain business operations in-line with best practices.

How many Salesforce administrators are needed?

The number of Salesforce administrators you’ll need generally depends on the size of your sales team and how many working hours your Salesforce administrators are dedicating to your company.

Number of users

Administration resources

1 – 30 users < 1 full-time administrator
31 – 74 users 1+ full-time administrator
75 – 149 users 1 senior administrator; 1 junior administrator
140 – 499 users 1 business analyst, 2–4 administrators
500 – 750 users 1–2 business analysts, 2–4 administrators
> 750 users Depends on a variety of factors


A common rule of thumb is that for every 50 Salesforce licenses, you should have one full-time (40 hours per week) Salesforce Admin regardless of being internal or external. However, this is going to vary based on company needs. For example, if you’re running multiple business units, you’re probably going to need at least one Salesforce admin per business unit.

In any case, you’re still going to need a Salesforce administrator (even part-time) if you’re under 50 Salesforce licenses. While larger companies with well over 100 Salesforce licenses may be able to justify hiring a couple of internal Salesforce administrators, in most cases outsourcing may be the most cost-effective use of your budget.

Outsourcing can reduce costs

Salesforce administrators are pricey, the average salary of a mid-career Salesforce Admin is $101,365 according to, and that’s before you account for benefits and taxes. You’ll likely be spending 1.25-1.4 times base compensation for a Salesforce administrator.

The real cost of any employee is more significant than just salary and benefits, also consider the time cost for your other employees. Who’s going to have the burden of managing the Salesforce administrator? That manager will have to become responsible for having to learn the platform well enough that they can understand what Salesforce Admin is doing and what else they could be doing.

However, typically when you’re hiring a Salesforce administrator through an agency like EBQ, you’re not getting the administrator alone, you’re getting the team behind them.

Better oversight through outsourcing?

Managing a Salesforce administrator can be a hurdle, particularly if you’re still in the implementation phase. Hiring, onboarding, and supervising them can be quite a challenge–you’ll run into issues such as:

  • What skill level do I need to hire?
  • What are their daily activities?
  • Whom do they report to?
  • How do you evaluate the quality of their work?

With an outsourced company, all of this is can be handled for you. Day to day activities, evaluations, and hiring are principally done inside the agency, and the administrators are supervised by an experienced team who are invested in your success.

Moreover, an excellent and agile agency will meet with you regularly for a continuous improvement meeting, where they’ll discuss the needs of your business. This practice ensures, even if you’re a company which is somewhat new to Salesforce, that you’re receiving quality work that’s aligned with your business goals.

An outsourced Salesforce admin can help your company stay nimble and reduce stress.

One problem that some companies run into–when they have their only Salesforce administrator quit–is that they don’t have a continuity plan. Meaning that, when your Salesforce administrator turns over, how will your next hire get up to speed and maintain your instance? Typically, it’s going to take time to find and hire someone new. The hiring process to find a new employee takes an average of 42 days, and it’s something you need to resolve before any hiccups in your Salesforce occur, or you’ll be in dire straights.

Further, if your employee calls in sick, virtually all your Salesforce Admin operations are halted, whereas if you’re working with an agency, and if their employee is sick, their other team members can assist when necessary.

Keeping up to date with Salesforce

There are indeed cheaper CRM options other than Salesforce, but Salesforce is the market leader of CRMs. They push out three significant updates to the platform each year in winter, spring, and summer. Also, with all the options on the AppExchange, they probably have the most flexible CRM platform in the market.

An experienced Salesforce administrator should understand your business goals and be able to offer up suggestions based on updates and available integrations that could improve your company’s business operations.

The advantage of having an outsourced Salesforce administrator do this is that they’ve likely had experience working in Salesforce instances set-up for a variety of business processes and have had more exposure to unique configurations. As new updates and integrations are put out, your outsourced agency is having that same conversation with multiple clients and will likely already have an understanding of how these options can grow your business.


An outsourced Salesforce administrator can bring a great deal of value to your company, outsourced SF admins:

  • Scale easily with your company
  • Are more cost effective
  • Save your managers time
  • Provide better oversight
  • Solve the continuity problem
  • Ensure consistent maintenance

When considering whether an outsourced Salesforce administrator is the best solution for your company, remember that it’s not only about costs and fringe benefits, it’s about driving value for your business. It would be best if you made a decision that’s in line with your business goals.

If you are considering outsourcing a Salesforce administrator, review our Sales Cloud Administration page and see how we could assist you with Salesforce. Our experienced team of Salesforce administrators is ready to start your project ASAP.

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